Wedding Dress by Mariana Harwick

Marvellous Marina Harwick

I love it when I come across designers who dresses make my heart beat a little faster. I love it when their use of textures and embellishments adds to making the Bride feel the Belle of the Ball.

I think fashion designer Marina Hardwick does just that.

Oh how i’d love to try on one of her dresses – especially her Cassidy dress – the detail is divine.

And when I’ve finished walking down the aisle, I’d slip into one her ready to wear collection on the way to airport en route to the honeymoon – that Georgiana Pencil Dress is right up my street. HOT right?!

Mariana Harwick

Mariana Harwick

Loving these looks! Any of these beauts tickle your pickle?


Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror

Irresistiable Inbal Dror – 2015 collection

Happy Monday morning lovely lot!

If you’ve got the “Monday morning back to work after an epic weekend” comedown then fear not. I have some rather spectacular wedding dress inspiration coming right up.

If you’re one of my regular readers, you’ll know that I have a serious Love Love relationship with many of the talented wedding dress designers from Tel-Aviv. It’s like they were all born with the exact knowledge of how a dress should fit a woman. I’ve written many an article these incred designers –  Lihi Hod, Zahavit Tshuba and Julie Vino to name a few – definitely take a look at if you’ve got a spare 5.

And today I bring you the devastatingly gorgeous designs from Inbal Dror. Her 2015 collection shows off how a Bride can be wonderfully romantic with a hint of graceful sexiness alluding to the Groom of what’s to come.

So feast your little peepers on the heavenly textures of lace, tulle and embellishments, open back creations and show stopping trains – everything I love in a dress. LOVE.

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror 1

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror 2

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror 2a

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror 13

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror 14

Bride By the Beach - Inbal Dror

Complete utter beauties aren’t they? You can view the whole collection here. I’ve decided that I’m just going to have an annual wedding renewal ceremony and buy a new wedding dress every year.  *Lives in dreamworld*.


Beautiful Boho dresses (I Do Love Buzzfeed!)

Hola beautiful Brides to be!

So sorry for the lack of posts – it’s been so mad the last month in the lead up to the Big Day.

CANNOT BELIEVE IT’S A MONTH UNTIL WE SAY I DO!!!! Yes this needed to be shouted.

Where has the time gone? I’ve still got so many things to tick off the to do list so if I’m a bit sporadic in communication I apologise. There’s so many things I want to post about but:

A. Can’t find the time to do so and

B. I can’t as there are things I want to keep a secret from The Boy, my bridesmaids and my guests. So it’s all hush hush at the mo.

But have no fear because I plan to bare all once that ring is on my finger! I’ll be giving you the breakdown on my planning tools, all the DIY bits we’ve been doing and there will be lots of photos coming your way.

However in the meantime, I recently saw this post on Buzzfeed which I just had to share.

36 of the Most Effortlessly Beautiful Boho Wedding Dresses Ever.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  

Here are just a few of my faves:

Boho Dress 2 Boho Dress 1 Boho Dress 3 Boho dress 4 Boho dress 5 Boho Dress 7 Boho dress 8 Boho dress 6

Image credits – Various

Beauts aren’t they!

I’ve got another wedding dress fitting tomorrow so will let you all know how it’s all going. Veil is done and apparently looks lovely. I keep telling the Boy that I’m not having a dress.  Just a veil and an white mankini.


Lihi Hod’s Spring Summer 2014 Collection

Hola Lovelies!

I sincerely apologies for the disappearing act, life has been mega busy in the run up to W-day! I’ve have numerous dress fittings, quite a few shopping trips for wedding bits, DIY crafting on top of putting our beautiful flat on the market and a very hectic full time job! Cray cray!

However, I just had to blog this piece about the new collection from Lihi Hod. I’ve talked about Lihi’s drop dead collections here and I am a massive stalker fan of her work. So it was a very nice surprise to be contacted by her team with a press pack and video of the new collection. Prepare to drool over these stunners:

Lihi Hod 2014 Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 21.31.54 Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 21.32.06 Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 21.32.11 Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 21.32.29 Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 21.32.51 Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 21.33.02

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 21.33.12

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 21.33.19

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 21.33.38

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 21.34.00

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 21.34.05

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 21.34.28

Aren’t they just STUNNING! I am obsessed with texture of the materials, the drape of the design and the silhouettes that the dresses make on the body. That backless lace fishtail dress is my favourite. BEEEEEautiful.

Unfortunately you can’t’ buy these beauties in the UK yet. I’m hoping that they’ll do a trunk show here in the UK for all the lucky brides to be so I’ll keep you updated.

And here’s the video of the behind the scenes footage from the shoot. I die.

Right I’ve still got a pile of confetti packets that need finishing off so I’ll be back soon – promise!



Jaw dropping dresses – Julie Vino

Earlier this year, I wrote this piece on two of my favourite wedding dress designers Lihi Hod and Zahavit Tshuba.  Now there must be something in the water in Tel Aviv because I’ve found yet another designer who makes the most stunning dresses and guess where she’s based?! Yep yep – Tel Aviv!

Please bow in wedding dress appreciation for Julie Vino. These glorious pics are from her 2014 collection and each one is a stunner.

These dresses are perfect for a boho beach casual wedding  or a dressed up black tie soiree. The lace on these dresses are divine and you know how I’m partial to beautiful backs. I’m in love. With every single one of them. Can I pretend that my wedding is like an awards show and change my dress at every ad break please?


















Trying to find “The One”

Ok so I mentioned weeks ago that I went to my first bridal shop weeks ago to try on lots of beautiful dresses to see if I can find “The One.” I tried on lots of different styles from dreamy backless dresses, to draped lace couture to short and sweet but unfortunately I didn’t find the one.

Now don’t get me wrong, I tried one stunning Alice Temperley number that could have potentially been “The One” but there were some elements of the dress that I didn’t quite like. It was also quadruple the amount that I wanted to spend on a dress.

Perhaps it’s because in my head I have a particular idea of what I want “The One”” to look like, and how I want it to fit. And because I’m getting married on a beach, I have to take into consideration the material (no sweaty pits please), the look (backless boho) and the fit (I like my shoulders but have double DDs!) and I want all of this for a reasonable price which I just don’t think is achievable.

Another pair of double DDs – Dilemma Dilemma.

But being the resourceful girl that I am, I was thinking of what my options could be.

a.      Keep on looking

b.     Buy second hand

c.      Check out the outlet stores

d.      Draw up my own design and get it made.

Now I know plenty of Brides who have gone with options B and C and it has worked out perfectly for them but I’ve got a secret weapon. The mother in law to be is an interior designer and upholsterer and is pretty nifty with the sewing machine. When I say pretty nifty I actually mean freaking incredible. She made her own wedding dress in the 60’s, made some amazing things for the home and sewn lots of clothes in the past so I know she  is more than skilful enough.

So dilemma solved, the mother in law to be is making my dress and I am so excited!  I’ve bought a couple of patterns from the world wide web that I like and a dressform from Amazon to help with seeing how the pattern fits.  I’ve drawn up some sketches of what I’d like the dress to look like and the next steps would be to  make the pattern and amend it to how I want it (make the back lower!)  and then cut it out of a cheap material like muslin and see how it fits and drapes.

We’re looking at Silk Georgette material and lace so we don’t want to be making the dress with expensive material straight off the bat as any mistakes made at that stage  will be very costly.

Totally accept that what we’re trying is bonkers because what Bride needs the added stress of designing and making her own dress?  But on the upside, I’m hoping that I’ll have my perfect dress by the end of it and for a fraction of the price.

Any other brides out there also undertook this crazy idea of designing and making their own dress?  Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

PS – I can never have a blog post without any pretty pictures so below are some lovely fashion sketches that provided some lovely dress sketches inspiration.

Pic cred – Bridal Sketches


2. Oscar de la Renta

Pic cred – The Board


Pic cred - Unknown

Pic cred – Unknown


Pic cred - Marchesa

Pic cred – Marchesa

Met Ball 2013 – dresses, dresses, dresses!

T’was the annual New York Met Ball on Monday night and I love a good old red carpet I do.

Theme this year was Punk so not a lot of wedding dress inspiration but there were a few.  Here are my favs:

Katie Holmes in Calvin Klein.

Katie Holmes in Calvin Klein. Beach wedding dress perhaps?

Sienna Miller in Burberry. The back was gorgeous but couldn't find a good pic of it!

Sienna Miller in Burberry. The back was gorgeous but couldn’t find a good pic of it – damn that glorious studded Burberry jacket!

Emmy Rossum in Donna Karen.
Emmy Rossum in Donna Karen.

Dylan Lauren in what I presume is a Ralph Lauren. Lovely drape.

Dylan Lauren in what I presume is a Ralph Lauren. Lovely drape.

Amber Heard looking hot in Emilio Pucci. Would make a gorgeous wedding dress me thinks.

Amber Heard looking hot in Emilio Pucci. Would make a gorgeous wedding dress me thinks.

And one for the Groom to be - Eddie Redmayne looking sharp in Dior Homme.

And one for the Groom to be – Eddie Redmayne looking sharp in Dior Homme.

One pic I didn’t put up here is Ms Kardashian’s floral ensemble – not something I would wear myself but definitely worth a Google! Thoughts on a postcard please.