Jaw dropping dresses – Julie Vino

Earlier this year, I wrote this piece on two of my favourite wedding dress designers Lihi Hod and Zahavit Tshuba.  Now there must be something in the water in Tel Aviv because I’ve found yet another designer who makes the most stunning dresses and guess where she’s based?! Yep yep – Tel Aviv!

Please bow in wedding dress appreciation for Julie Vino. These glorious pics are from her 2014 collection and each one is a stunner.

These dresses are perfect for a boho beach casual wedding  or a dressed up black tie soiree. The lace on these dresses are divine and you know how I’m partial to beautiful backs. I’m in love. With every single one of them. Can I pretend that my wedding is like an awards show and change my dress at every ad break please?



















Book me a flight to Tel Aviv NOW!

Have you ever had that moment where you see a dress and you’re just speechless because it’s so incredible?

Like if you were able to wear this one dress, the world would just stop.

Yes? Well prepare yourself.  In researching for wedding dress ideas, I came across two extremely talented designers whose dresses are jaw dropping BEAUTIFUL. They’re not traditional, err more to the slinky slim fit and the designs are stunning – just what I’m looking for. However it sucks to be me as they’re both based in Tel Aviv.

Please, prepare yourself to cast your eyes over these lovelies from Lihi Hod and Zahavit Tshuba.

The collaboration of silks, laces, tulle, pearl and sequin embellishments are just perfect, glamourous without it being too gaudy and showing just the right amount of skin.

Right – I’m off to check how much flights are to Tel Aviv. Catch you when I’m older. xxxx

PS – Photocredit to hatunotblog.com for the Lihi Hod images. Don’t forget to check this site out – some fab inspiration ideas galore here. xx