A Vogue Wedding.

My lunchtime reading at work usually consist of browsing the likes of Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour and Elle and I occasionally notice that an interesting wedding article will come up that is just fabulous.  Whether it’s 50 Bridesmaid Dresses under £50 or the Jenny Packham’s new season wedding gown showcases, these sources of inspiration are just brilliant for when planning a wedding. Especially if you’ve become (dare I say it?!) a little BORED by all the usual standard wedding magazines out there.

So I’ve rounded up my favourite online magazines wedding sections and listed them below – get them saved in your favourites now!


Serious couture designer envy here, fab coverage of the fashion elite weddings, style advice and much much more. Click here to be whisked away to designer wedding heaven.

Have you seen Coco Rocha wedding dress – STUNNING!


Coco Rocha married James Conran in a dress designed by Zac Posen. Picture courtesy of Vogue.

They also have a brilliant Wedding guide to download too to cover all weddings – take a look here


This blog is written by Elle writer Patrica Campbell who is blogging her way to the alter and is full of helpful hair updos and beauty tips, runway dresses, more fashion weddings and helpful stylish advice. Check out the lovely vintage Coast collection she wrote about last month – OMG Gatsby.

Vintage inspired collection from Coast.

Vintage inspired collection from Coast.

Marie Claire – The Wedding Style Guide

Lots of great high street topics and inspiration, hair and beauty ideas and stylish real life bride stories to be read here. The below bridesmaid dress would be PERFECT for a beach wedding. Where did I find it?  In this very handy article from the Style guide – £50 from Warehouse. What a bargain!


The Stylist – The Unsentimental Wedding Blog

A blog featuring  wedding tips from Stylist bride and pretty pics of their weddings, what they wore, their style etc.  Also if you look towards the bottom of the page, there are plenty more wedding related articles to read.

The Huffington Post 

Epic website – click here. Lots of well written articles from past Brides, Brides to be, Photographers, suppliers etc. I could get lost in this site for days. For example – interesting article I’ve just read – 21 things I’ve learned from attending 21 weddings. Very useful to know.


Don’t forget Buzzfeed…never forget Buzzfeed.

Just type in Weddings into the search bar and all types of wacky wedding articles come up.  Yes some are crazy, some are stupid but some are downright imaginative like this:

42 wedding favours your guests will actually want

If you come across anything else – please feel free to share the love. Until next time xxxxx

Instagram it up.

As a massive believer in all things social networking, Instagram is yet another channel that a newly engaged girl can draw inspiration from.  It offers a quick ideas hit, the chance to stalk the big wedding dresses designers and it creates gorgeous photos.  A selection of my photos inspiration below:

Instagram 1


If you like what you see, then come and follow me – just search Bride by the Beach or click here.  Catch you on the flip side xx

My Beautiful Bridesmaids

When the Boy proposed and we discussed our dream wedding, we thought a beautiful, intimate ceremony on the beach would be just perfect.

I thought it would be silly to have a large bridal party for a small wedding with 40 guests, so I initially asked one of my oldest childhood friends whether she would do the honour of being my bridesmaid,  which she happily said yes – phew!

I have known her since she was in her nappies, she’s the youngest daughter of my Mum’s best friend. We grew up together, went to the same schools, ate at each other’s houses, partied together, cried together, laughed with each other and she and her sister have been there for my family through thick and thin.  She’s like a sister to me.  Plus she’s an incredibly talented designer who I’ve co-ereced into designing all my wedding stationary (and she created my Bride by the Beach logo – isn’t she lovely!)

However, I also have three other amazing friends who I’ve met at Uni and the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I couldn’t NOT have them there by my side.  This year would be our 10 year anniversary of our friendship and we’ve been through soooooo much together. They are the most awesome girls I’ve ever met, hearts of gold, patient, beautiful, smart, loyal and full of love, life and laughter.  I couldn’t have gotten through University without them or danced so much without them.  Even though we now live all over the UK, we still make the effort to see each other every few months and have the bestest time drinking the vino and giggling away. They just have to be my Bridesmaids.

So with that in mind, I thought to myself, how best to ask them?  I saw lots of things on the net like little necklaces, bridesmaids gift bags, cards etc but wanted something a little original so I made a Powerpoint presentation! Yep you heard me a Powerpoint presentation. And yes I am a little bit geeky.

We were able to all get together a few weeks ago and I sat them down and played it out – here are a few of the slides:

Asking my Bridesmaids 1

Asking my Bridesmaids 2

Asking my Bridesmaids 3

Asking my Bridesmaids 4

Asking my Bridesmaids 5

They didn’t have a clue what was it was about but once they realised, they were over the moon!

Now I’ll have four stunning girls by my side on my big day to hold my hand, fix my hair, smooth my dress and even pull me down from the bathroom window if I get cold feet.

And if you’re struggling about who to choose as your Bridesmaids for your big day, give this fab article from Wedding Party a read.  I love you girlies! xx

Pinterest Love

I love Pinterest.  No really. I absolutely love it. It’s the best thing since Ryan Gosling.

I’m seriously addicted to it and you can easily spend hours pinning beautiful things.  And for the organized freaks like me, you can organize it by categories!!!  It makes planning a wedding so much fun because you can take inspiration from other brides to be and then collate all those ideas into one big happy vision.

I’m planning on adding to my boards over the months and once the venue is set and we know what look / theme / vibe we want then the real fun can start. That’s when I start creating moodboards!

Found some gorgeous bridesmaids dresses and love the idea of bright pastel (oxymoron I know) colour combos. Do follow me if you fancy it.

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Don’t you just love them all?!