Clean Eating

Before you get all excited about this post, I’ve got to put my hands up  – I have no nutritional knowledge to back up what I’m about to say.  All I know is that I’ve made 6 small changes to what and how I eat and it’s working for me so I thought I’d share.

So as I write this, I’ve just demolished a chocolate and vanilla cheesecake slice. Hardly eating clean. And yes I might have had 2 or 3 glasses of wine at the weekend but when you work out hard and are careful about what you eat, surely a person is allowed treats right?  Because if I don’t get any treats I become a Sad Sally. The key here is moderation.

Now don’t get me wrong. I fricking love eating. I’m Filipino – all Filipinos love to eat. The first thing a Filipino will say to you when they meet you is “Have you eaten?” It’s like their universal version of Hello.

This isn’t a post about foods that will magically make you slim but more of a change of mindset. It’s about realising what you put into your body and knowing when’ve had enough. I’ve lost count of the  amount of times I’ve stuffed myself silly and then felt physically sick afterwards. Fatty fatty boom boom me.

But I’ve lost 8 inches all over since 1st Jan. (I always measure because when you’re training and your clothes fit better but the scales say you’ve hardly lost any weight, it might be that you’ve lost  fat but gained muscle. This article explains it better than I do.)  So alongside with exercise regime I’ve talked about here I’ve done the following:

  1. Portion Control– do you really need that extra portion of food on your plate? Really? Are you ravenous? Yes ok, well you can always come back for more. Why not try waiting 10 minutes,  let that first portion settle and then, if you’re still hungry, maybe a little more.
  2.  No white pasta, white rice, white bread – we all know wholemeal is better for you so just make this simple change. Wholemeal is high in fibre which takes longer to digest so keeps you fuller for longer.
  3. Cut down on sugar. I love chocolate but I try and ration myself.  How’s about trying to have half the chocolate bar and save the rest for later?  Or try a piece of fruit, drink a glass of water and even brushing your teeth helps. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the urge is too great. There have been times  I just want open a jar of Nutella, pull globs of the good stuff with my bare hands and lick that jar clean.
  4. Cut down on salt – this stuff is not good for you. Again moderation is key. My fella has a dodgy ticker so even more of a reason to cut down. Plus is makes you bloated as it retains water. Not a good look.
  5. Reduce the amount of carbs eaten after 5pm – yes this UK weather has been shocking and all it’s made me want to do is eat pie and chips, mashed potatoes and creamy bowls of pasta. Carbs bloat me. Simple as. So now it’s all about stir frys, soups and high protein salads. Yes it is hard at first but you get used to it. And it’s nice going to bed without feeling you’re 6 months preggers.
  6. Drink more water – it’s good for your skin, it fills you up and your body needs it.  Simples.

Hope this helps! Check out my Fitness Pinterest board if you need any more info . xx


Wedding fitness

I’ve just spent the last 5 days consuming all the chocolate in the world. No really. Plus endless amounts of cakes, crisps and toast. Ooops – I mustn’t forget the wine! Let’s just say there were a few glasses…or bottles.

So I really need to get back on the fitness bandwagon this week as it’s only 8 weeks until our Ibiza recce and 12 weeks until the Triathalon.  (Have I mentioned I’m doing a Triathalon? Yep crazy me signed up for the Sussex sprint triathalon in July – more info here.)

My fitness schedule has picked up since the New Year and I have lost 5 inches all over which is a great start. I hardly ever weigh myself as muscle weighs more than fat so I judge by measuring arms, thighs, waist hips etc. My clothes are fitting much better and my fitness stamina has definitely improved.  I’m aiming for this to be a lifetime change so that I know I’m as fit and as healthy as I can be on the W-day but have achieved my ideal weight sensibly. I can’t do crash dieting. I’m unhappy, snappy and just crave all the bad foods – did someone just say deep fat fried battered Marsbar?

Below is my exercise schedule and to prevent this being too text heavy, I’ll post another blog about my food intake – I refuse to type the word diet.

Getting that booty moving.

I’m picking up the Tri training in the lead up to July so a mix of my Boxercise classes and running, riding and swimming training. Boxercise has been seriously brilliant at getting my fitness levels up and they’re fun so it helps when you feel lazy. I’ve got a 3 month unlimited pass which allows me to do as many classes as I like which ultimately feel like I’m doing classes for free, it works out better economically and there is such a variety of classes to choose from. You can find out more about the costs, classes and schedule on the website.

My current schedule of exercise is as follows:

Monday – TRX class – 45 mins

Tuesday – Boxercise Pump and Core – 60 mins

Wednesday – TRX class – 45 mins

Thursday – Swimming training – I aim for 50 laps, a mix of front crawl and breast stroke.

Friday– Running training – I aim for 30 – 45 mins jog.

Saturday – Bike training – I aim for 60 mins ride.

Sunday – Rest day

I find that the classes help tone and strengthen and the cardio helps burn fat. In the next couple of months, I will really need to start upping my Tri training and  aim for longer distances.

It does sound quite a bit  but you won’t tone up magically if you don’t put the work in. I promise you, once you start and you get into the swing of it, you really do start to enjoy the burn and you feel odd if you miss a session.

I’ll keep you updated and let you know how the progress goes and if you ever need a little motivation, I find this picture helps. xx

Ryan Gosling

Happy Pancake Day!

I looooooooooove Pancakes. However, I’m currently on a health-kick and essentially pancakes are just fried batter right?

Wrong. These bad boys just flicked up on my Twitter feed from @BritishVogue and they look lush and are oh – so – healthy. So get whisking and flipping and fork right into these little pancakes of heavenly goodness – recipe can be found here. Yum, yum in my tum.

Picture credit: Hemsley & Hemsley/Nick Hooper

Picture credit: Hemsley & Hemsley/Nick Hooper

Fitness Scmhitness.

I like to eat and can put away fried food like there’s no tomorrow and I’m one of those girls that needs a serious reason to stop stuffing doughnuts in her yap hole. Usually the fear of getting into a bikini or needing to squeeze into that slinky dress kickstarts my fitness motivation.

So for example, over the Christmas holidays I must have consumed enough calories  to keep the population of a small country going.  With all the party food, dinners out, sweets and not to mention bottles of wine I think I gained about half a stone and 1.5 inches around the belly. Yeeesh!

So, as our Ibiza venue recce is booked for June, I need to get that motivation up and running.

It helps that I’m a member of a Boxercise Bootcamp and they are brilliant and getting you back into fitness and toning up. I try to attend at least four classes a week which range from Boxercise Pump and Core, TRX, Kettlebells and a great stretch class.  I’m also looking to complete a Triathalon in July (eeek!) to help me focus my motivation.

This is going to be an important part of my blog because I’m sure that there are  ladies out there who are happy with their weight but could do with some toning?  Don’t get me wrong, I love my figure but I know there are certain parts that could do with some work like my stomach and arms.  I’m not aiming for stick thin (I’m lucky to be blessed with DD’s so if I did happen to get down to a size 8 it would look just ridiculous.) I think a nice, toned 10 / 12 would be perfect for me.

So join me in my quest for the perfect wedding day body.  I’m going keep a track of my fitness regime, food intake, recipes and measurements so I can measure progress and hopefully share my downfalls and successes over the next year and a half.  Any advice will be greatly received!

This weeks healthy eating.

This weeks healthy eating.