Friday’s Loveliness – Our First Song.

Apologies – I’ve been ill as a dog the last 2 weeks and been struggling to pass off as a human let alone be able to write.

Today I’ve wanted to write something a little more sentimental and mushy. Me and The Boy have gone through alot of change in first nine months of our marriage – new jobs, new house, a few health scares and living together as man and wife. Not that it feels any different, it feels exactly like how it should do. We know that whatever life throws at us, as long as we’re together it will all work out fine.

So today I wanted to share our first dance song. As soon as we heard this we knew it was         The One.

It’s by The Lumineers and it’s untitled but I think it’s called “Falling.” We heard it at Glastonbury and when this started, the crowds went silent. It was a beautiful moment. I just turned to Will and he knew exactly what I was going to say.

I love the lyrics – they’re just us. And when Neyla sings – goosebumps. Every time I hear this song it holds nothing but amazing memories for us.

Heart full of love.


PS – If you want the lyrics, you can find them here.

Sharing the LOVE on Valentines Day

*Sheepishly waves hello*

I deserve a rapped knuckle don’t I? It’s been far too long since I’ve posted.

I’ve had a heavy heart every time I’ve come across a stunning wedding dress or beautiful table setting or if a song comes on the radio that reminds me of that magical day 8 months ago because I’ve wanted to write all about it. And I will don’t you worry!

I have no excuse for my tardiness but I feel I should explain that my lack of communication boils down to my crazy life which has consisted of:

  • Three different jobs in the last 8 months – my marketing agency got bought out by another agency, new job added an extra two hours a day of commuting, I quit and found a new role in the centre of Brighton town. Awesome.
  • Selling of our flat and viewing approximately 50 properties over the last few months.  I’m not even exaggerating – there were weekends where we seeing seven flats in one day. We finally found a beautiful property and hope to move in in April. Fingers crossed.
  • Moving out of our lovely first home. Cried a little.
  • Moving in with In-laws. Cried a little more.

Add in my 30th birthday, a surprise trip to Budapest courtesy of the handsome Boy, Christmas, New Year and various other engagements you could say it’s been an eventful few months of married life!

Oh and I’ve given the blog a little refresh too – you like?

Well enough of me – how are you all? Some of you have been emailing me and letting me know how wedding plans are going which is so amazing to hear.  How is planning coming along? Decided on the venues yet? Guest list sorted yet? Wedding dress found? Tell me all!

I remember this time last year I was getting a little antsy knowing that the big day was looming.  I might have shouted (just a little bit) at the Boy about some minor trivial non detail. Which leads me onto the point of this post.

It’s so important that you take some time out of wedding planning!

And with the dreaded Valentines Day tomorrow, take the chance just to go out, have a few drinks and talk about anything and everything EXCEPT your big day.

Yes I know it’s going to be hard but it will do you good – I promise!

Enjoy reminding yourself why you’re marrying each other, be loved up, make other couples sick with your puppy love eyes and generally enjoy the cheesiness of Valentines Day.

Get dressed up and remind him the hot stuff of a fiancee that your Boy will be marrying. I love any chance to don a short skirt and high heels so I don’t need much persuading but if your stuck on what to wear how about some of these pretty red ensembles?

American Apparell

Pic credit – American Apparel

Bride by the beach - Sincerely Jules

Pic credit – Sincerely Jules

Red Dress - Selena Gomez

Pic credit – WhoWhatWear

Bride by the Beach - Style Estate

Pic credit – Style Estate

Bride by the Beach

Pic credit – Unknown

Sometimes all you need is a slick of red lipstick and a pair of red heels a la Miss Delevingne.

Bride by the Beach - Cara Delevingne

Pic credit – Vogue

Or forget the outfits – sauce up the night with this little number – I have serious For Love & Lemons lust.

HOT riiigghht?

So I double promise I’m back and will be sharing the deets of all things of our wedding and exquisite inspiration I see along the way.

And if you’re struggling of what to buy the Boy for V-day how about one of these?! Click on the link – number 10 is my particular fave (!).

Love lots xx

Crazy underwear

Pic credit – Buzzfeed

Friday’s Lovelieness – Let’s run away and get married….

Elopeverb. to run away secretly with a lover in order to marry.

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding right now? Pulling your hair out over guestlists, flowers, table arrangements, sore fingers form cutting out 100 of tissue paper pom poms? Have you secretly thought about saying “Fuck this, lets run away and get married now”?

Yep well I did. Halfway through  planning our beautiful wedding, there was a point where costs were spiralling, guestlists were shaky and accommodation was non existent that I voiced out to the Boy and said “screw it, let’s jump on a plane and get married right now.”

We seriously contemplated it for like 30 seconds and then thought that the wrath of the mother in law, plus the missed opportunity to party it up with loved ones was worth sleepless nights and continual budget checking. And our day was perfect, in every single way. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

However it did get me thinking about Elopements and how perfect they can be for those couples brave enough to take that step. I’m seeing more and more intimate weddings, where guests are limited to 10 people and those weddings are beautiful.  We had 39 guests at our wedding and it was, for us, spectacular. We were able to speak to everyone – actually hold conversations with them and thank them personally for coming. We got a picture of us with every single guest. We were able to have a little boogie with them all on the dancefloor and even do shots with them at the bar. We were able to say goodbye to everyone and thank them again and when everyone circled us and danced around us at the end to our final song it was magical. We struggled to speak to everyone at our Brighton reception the following week and that made me pretty sad.

So are you thinking of Eloping? If you are then check out these stunning shots of the Bride and Groom for some inspiration.

Pic credit - 100 Layer Cake

Pic credit – 100 Layer Cake

Pic Credit - 100 Layer Cake

Pic Credit – Refinery 29

Pic Credit - Refinery 29

Pic Credit – Refinery 29


Pic credit - Refinery 29

Pic credit – Refinery 29

Can you believe it – the Bride hiked up the mountain for an hour whilst holding her dress. Legend. I absolutely love this shot below – j’adore. Yes I know it’s a shoot, but click on the link and it has some great tips on eloping to Paris. Tres Bien!

Picture credit - Wedding Chicks

Picture credit – Wedding Chicks

And this might be my favourite elopment of the day. The dress is stunning, the back drop is breath taking and you can FEEL the love radiating from the pictures.  What?! There’s a video?! Yes – stop what you’re doing and watch this now. It is truly wonderful. Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you can’t have that first look, the excitement of getting ready, the nerves of saying your vows. It will still be as just emotional in front of just your officiant as it would be in front of 100 people. Even more so I think as you are both really focussed on each other and what this means to you right now, in that moment. Eeek – I’m gushing. Just watch the video. And make sure you have some tissues.

Pic credit - Green Wedding Shoes

Pic credit – Green Wedding Shoes

Pic credit - Green Wedding Shoes

Pic credit – Green Wedding Shoes

Directed by Janssen Powers –  2nd Shot by Zach Wingfield –

Gorgeous riiggghhhttt?

Anywho, must dash and wipe those tears away. I’ve still got some more thank you cards I need to write. The fun never ends. xxxx

Friday’s Loveliness – Food Glorious Food

Prepare for your tastebuds to start salivating. I’ve been thinking about reception food ideas this week and I swear I’ve been wanting to devour everything in sight so it’s only fitting to make it a Food Friday.

So as we’re getting married in Ibiza but also having a good ‘ol knees up here for those that can’t make it, I love the idea of putting out a yummy feast of Mediterranean  tapas that everyone can dig into.

Pic Credit - BKWinery

Pic Credit – BKWinery

Pic Credit - BKWinery

Pic Credit – BKWinery

And we’ve definitely got to have some Chorizo as a nod to Ibiza times :

Pic credit -

Pic credit – The Galley Gourmet

What about Bacon and Asparagus?  Bacon always makes things better:

Pic credit - How Sweet Eats

Pic credit – How Sweet Eats

And you’ve got to have a few carbs to soak up any alcohol right?

Croissants with pesto, rucola, figs and prosciutto. Pic Credit - Cooking Recipe Noemie

Croissants with pesto, rucola, figs and prosciutto. Pic Credit – Cooking Recipe Noemie


Pic credit - Stagetecture

Pic credit – Stagetecture

It seems that that trend at the moment is Food Bars – so Cake Bars, Sweet Bars, Taco Bars. Well anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m ADDICTED to Popcorn so when I saw this, I was like I want this in my home, right now. A massive, never ending bucket of popcorn. *Heaven*.

Pic Credit - The Berry

Pic Credit – The Berry

I’ve always said to The Boy, that should I ever win the lottery, I would build an indoor swimming pool and fill it with popcorn and work my way through that badboy. That is how serious my addition is.

And because of that, I’ve just signed up to a 6 week Bikini Bootcamp starting next Tuesday. Which I’ve just realised is Pancake Day. Gutted.

Oh well – I have a very exciting weekend to help me get over this tragedy – I’m heading up to the ‘Shire to see my beautiful Bridesmaid and her new Bubba! We’re going to cover him in kisses, have a good catch up and then The Boy and I are heading to the madness that is Bicester Village. Hoping to pick up some wedding bargains so will let you know how we go. Credit card at the ready.

Mucho love xxx

Friday’s Loveliness – Valentine’s Loving

Happy Valentine’s Day you beautiful lot you!

Hope you have something special planned with your loved ones? There’s steak, bottle of red and World War Zombie Z waiting for us when we get home. So romantic.

Well to celebrate the day of Cupid, I’d thought I post up some of my favourite pictures of lip locking love. How pretty are these shots?

Pic credit - White Magazine

Pic credit – White Magazine

Pic credit - Wed Over Heels

Pic credit – Wed Over Heels

Pic credit - The Lane

Pic credit – The Lane

Pic credit - The Lane

Pic credit – The Lane

Pic credit - Fashion me now

Pic credit – Fashion me now

Pic credit - The Lane

Pic credit – The Lane

Aren’t these couples gorgeous! If we can get any shots like these from our wedding, I’ll be over the moon.

Lots of kisses xxxx

Friday’s Loveliness – Planning Funsies

My wedding planning head has been on all this week which has led to lots of bits and bobs checked off my to do list. Score!

I’m a massive organiser anyway, it’s what I do as a major part of my job and I have a serious Love-Love relationship with Excel spreadsheets (Geek out!) so when my lovely bridesmaid sent me through one of those wedding timelines, it was great to see that we are ahead of schedule. However, there is still plenty do and alot of that is some good ol’ DIY so need to get a-cracking as really don’t fancy panicking last minute and rushing around like a headless chicken. Cluck Cluck.

So when this great article on Buzzfeed popped up in my feed on how to plan your wedding, I was in organiser heaven! And then it made me start thinking about the amazing tools I’ve been using to get organised and thought perhaps you lovely ladies could benefit from them too? So here’s a round up of some of the things I’ve found useful so far:

There are plenty of timelines out there but I like this one from DIY Bride as it’s simple and I liked the funky layout. Click on the pic to see the whole timeline.

Pic Credit - DIY Bride

Pic Credit – DIY Bride

This little genius idea of how to organise your guestlist was a life safer as nearly forgot to ask guests their food choices on the invitations. How annoying would that be to get all the RSVPs in and then realise you need to contact all your guests agin to find out what they want to eat?! Also I LOVE the OCD-ness of how the Bride has collated all the information she needs. Brilliant.

Pic Credit - Little Wed Plan

Pic Credit – Little Wed Plan

Now once had all the RSVPs are in, how do you go about the headache that is the seating plan? Well this little beauty helped me right out. Post It notes – who would have thunk it?!

Pic credit - Something Turquoise

Pic credit – Something Turquoise

Now the wedding processional has always stumped me.  Who’s to go first? Does the Flowergirl come before or after the Bridesmaids? Should the Officiant be at the front before or after the Groom? When do I come in?! (Duh – no brainer). This infographic helps ALOT.

Processinal Order

Pic credit – Disney

Now my fave – hair and beauty. I’ve neglected this so far so it’s good for me to write about this to remind me to get on it. I’m in the process of doing my moodboards for my hair and make up stylist and working out like a demon but it’s good to know when I should get a hair trim, when to be ready by on the day and all that jazz.

Pic Credit - PopSugar

Pic Credit – PopSugar

So those are just a few of the checklists I’ve found on the Internet but it did take some time to find all of this information – either by chance or researching or Pinterest.  I’ve found that there are plenty of websites to help you plan the wedding – a majority of them American which isn’t so great if your planning a wedding in the UK or even a destination wedding.  Got me thinking about what would make it easier for someone who isn’t as organised as me and might need a little help. Came up with a few exciting ideas so if you’re a new Bride to Be watch this space!

Lots of Excel Love xxxxx

Friday’s Loveliness – Boho Beauty

One of my jobs on this weekend’s to-do list is to create some inspiration boards for make up ideas for myself and my bridesmaids, so I can zip them over to our lovely make up artist ready for our trial in the next couple of months.  I’m liking the beautiful bareface with a glow for a boho bridal look, but then again, I’m partial to a strong red lip and cat eye flick a la Miranda Kerr. Choices choices!

Pic credit - Airows

Pic credit – Airows

Pic credit - Market Place Weddings

Pic credit – Market Place Weddings

Pic Credit - Ruby and Moon

Pic Credit – Ruby and Moon

Picture Credit - Couldn't find it sorry!

Pic Credit – Couldn’t find it sorry!

Perhaps the Red Lippy can come out in the evening?

All I know is that I want to look like me, but a more glamourous version of me. I know it’s going to be very hot so whatever I choose needs to stay on my face and not drip all over the beautiful white dress. No shiny T-zone please! Oh and waterproof mascara will probably be a good idea.

I’m going to keep scouring the net for more inspiration – any ideas what you lovely ladies have in mind?