Newly engaged to the ever suffering Will who has been labelled “The Boy” for the last 7.5 years of our relationship.

“The Boy” sort of proposed on my birthday but then took it back because he couldn’t find a ring, then re-instated it and then took me ring shopping. Happy Days.

We live in Brighton (well Hove actually), hence the blog name but dreaming of a laid back Ibiza beach wedding in the sunshine with him in a well cut summer suit and me in a dreamy backless dress.

I’m quite organised (I lie. I’m very organised) and so I wanted to create a space where I can  collate ideas, inspiration and cool wedding bits I spy that will help me and “The Boy” plan the party of our lives.  We don’t have shed loads of moolah so we’ll be doing this on a – wait for it – budget. 2 reasons why we don’t want to spend the amount of a small country’s income on the big day:

A. We don’t have it.

B. Considering the average UK wedding now costs around £20,000, if we did have that sort of money lying about, we’d use the money to go travelling or buy another property to secure our future and all that jazz that comes with getting older.

Somewhat random – I love food. And my eye is constantly bigger than my belly. Because of that fact, I have to work my ass off exercise stylee otherwise, people start to offer me their seats on buses and trains. Health problems run in my family too  so I do need to take care of myself which is why I do Boxercise 4 times a week and I am stupidly thinking of doing a Triathalon this year.  But I’m sort of adding my journey to my ideal body shape (toned arms, no back fat and a toned stomach) to the blog, because what girl doesn’t want to look her prime on the one day when countless photos will be taken of her? Please note – this is not a Bridal Thinspiration blog but more of a get fit and healthy for your wedding day and hopefully maintaining that fine figure of womanhood.

Big day – May or September 2014.  Venue hasn’t been booked yet but trying to save the pennies and watching the pounds. Or lbs for those who didn’t get it. So potentially 17 months and counting. OMG.

UPDATE! December 2013 – Since writing this page when I started my blog I’d like to point out some updates:

1. I did the Triathalon – read more about it here.  Lost loadsa weight and then consequently put it all back on. Thinking of doing another in June prior to the big day.

2. We’ve booked the date and venue – a gorgeous beach restaurant in Ibiza mid June 2014. Which means 17 months has now ticked tocked to 6 months. OMG.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Jo Irving says:


    I LOVE your blog so much! I am obsessed with the sea, sequins and all things pretty, I am a wedding hairstylist specializing in boho, relaxed looks..So my question is this:..Have you booked a hair stylist for your wedding yet and do you fancy coming along to our studio (in Surrey – about 40 mins away) for a free trial? I noticed you also love a feathered hair piece..I will be offering these beauts very soon!! xx


    • bridebythebeach says:

      Hi Jo! Thank you ever so much for your lovely feedback! I’ve just had a look at your gorgeous website (and your Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram – *Stalker alert*) and love your work! Also thank you so much for the offer of a free trial – however I’ve booked a hair and make up artist for my wedding, she’s a good friend of mine that happens to be a Chanel MUA which is handy for me! Seriously love your style and I look forward to seeing your feathered hair pieces very soon! xxx


  2. Jo Irving says:

    You’re very welcome, the praise is highly deserved. I freaking love it all!
    So refreshing to find a wedding blog that is genuinely inspiring and a bit different – Must just be your taste!
    Of course you must use your lovely Chanel friend – I have one of those too (The best kind of friend!)
    I’m going to keep on reading, please give me a shout if you need any hair inspiration, i’d be happy to assist.

    Good luck! xox


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