A little Tuesday Throwback.

So I’m currently living with the In-laws at the moment (finally got a moving date – end of April) and it seems that The Boy and I spend alot on time on the internet as have used the monthly data allowance in 10 days. Ooops.

So this means that our internet is on a go slooooooow. How irritating. It’s takes me double the amount of time to blog as all my favourite wedding sites just won’t load. Boo.

But it has meant that I can sort though our weddings pics and pick the ones we want to get printed for our new home. Tres exciting.

I love this one. It was taken from our Brighton legal ceremony – simple and sweet. Pic taken by Manon Pauffin.

Bride By The Beach

FYI – that took me 5 mins to upload ONE picture. #impatient.

Anywho, I think I may have something pretty exciting to show you in my next blog. I might have some pictures winging it way over to me from the talented Lihi Hod with her new collection. As soon as I have them in my grubby hands, they’ll be up. Even if it takes me four days to upload.

Love lots Mrs “I hate slow internet” x


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