A self imposed hiatus….

Have you missed me?!

So sorry but yes, I took a little break from the online world for a few months to spend some quality time with my new husband (eeek! That still sounds so strange to me.)

And jolly gosh, how crazy the last four months have been! It’s literally turned my world upside down. We’ve returned from our incredible honeymoon, picked up a new job and and now currently homeless, (well not technically homeless –  we sold our beautiful flat by the beach and haven’t yet found the “one” yet so will be soon moving in with the in-laws on a temporary basis.) So it’s fair to say I’ve been busy.

However, I can’t stop looking at beautiful weddings and I’m well aware I’ve not given my lovely readers the D’low on our perfect wedding. Do not worry your pretty little heads! It’s all stored up in my noggings and I will be uploading plenty of posts in the very near future so keep your eyes peeled!

But for now – do you want a gander at a few of my honeymoon pics? Well it was certainly a trip to remember, we volunteered for a week in Iringa, Tanzania and then spent a week in Zanzibar and every singly moment was incredible.  In fact both the Boy and I found that we actually preferred the volunteering week more than cliche honeymoon beach part. Now don’t get me wrong, Zanzibar was absolutely stunning but we found the volunteering experience incredibly rewarding.  Would totally recommend it to anyone.

Iringa, Tanzania

Iringa, Tanzania
















We had a blast and it’s so sad that it all feels like such a long time ago now. Oh well, onwards and upwards eh?! Let’s see what this married life malarkey is all about!!

Lots of love xxx

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