Friday’s Lovelieness – Let’s run away and get married….

Elopeverb. to run away secretly with a lover in order to marry.

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding right now? Pulling your hair out over guestlists, flowers, table arrangements, sore fingers form cutting out 100 of tissue paper pom poms? Have you secretly thought about saying “Fuck this, lets run away and get married now”?

Yep well I did. Halfway through  planning our beautiful wedding, there was a point where costs were spiralling, guestlists were shaky and accommodation was non existent that I voiced out to the Boy and said “screw it, let’s jump on a plane and get married right now.”

We seriously contemplated it for like 30 seconds and then thought that the wrath of the mother in law, plus the missed opportunity to party it up with loved ones was worth sleepless nights and continual budget checking. And our day was perfect, in every single way. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

However it did get me thinking about Elopements and how perfect they can be for those couples brave enough to take that step. I’m seeing more and more intimate weddings, where guests are limited to 10 people and those weddings are beautiful.  We had 39 guests at our wedding and it was, for us, spectacular. We were able to speak to everyone – actually hold conversations with them and thank them personally for coming. We got a picture of us with every single guest. We were able to have a little boogie with them all on the dancefloor and even do shots with them at the bar. We were able to say goodbye to everyone and thank them again and when everyone circled us and danced around us at the end to our final song it was magical. We struggled to speak to everyone at our Brighton reception the following week and that made me pretty sad.

So are you thinking of Eloping? If you are then check out these stunning shots of the Bride and Groom for some inspiration.

Pic credit - 100 Layer Cake

Pic credit – 100 Layer Cake

Pic Credit - 100 Layer Cake

Pic Credit – Refinery 29

Pic Credit - Refinery 29

Pic Credit – Refinery 29


Pic credit - Refinery 29

Pic credit – Refinery 29

Can you believe it – the Bride hiked up the mountain for an hour whilst holding her dress. Legend. I absolutely love this shot below – j’adore. Yes I know it’s a shoot, but click on the link and it has some great tips on eloping to Paris. Tres Bien!

Picture credit - Wedding Chicks

Picture credit – Wedding Chicks

And this might be my favourite elopment of the day. The dress is stunning, the back drop is breath taking and you can FEEL the love radiating from the pictures.  What?! There’s a video?! Yes – stop what you’re doing and watch this now. It is truly wonderful. Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you can’t have that first look, the excitement of getting ready, the nerves of saying your vows. It will still be as just emotional in front of just your officiant as it would be in front of 100 people. Even more so I think as you are both really focussed on each other and what this means to you right now, in that moment. Eeek – I’m gushing. Just watch the video. And make sure you have some tissues.

Pic credit - Green Wedding Shoes

Pic credit – Green Wedding Shoes

Pic credit - Green Wedding Shoes

Pic credit – Green Wedding Shoes

Directed by Janssen Powers –  2nd Shot by Zach Wingfield –

Gorgeous riiggghhhttt?

Anywho, must dash and wipe those tears away. I’ve still got some more thank you cards I need to write. The fun never ends. xxxx

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