“I’m so Married”

Teaser Boho Beach Wedding Pic

What up you beautiful lot!

Yup yup the title and sneak peek picture is true – I’m so married now!

It’s taken me a week to come down from the high that was our perfect Ibiza wedding and the week leading up to it. I’ll be back writing up how it went, the work leading up to the civil ceremony, Ibiza wedding and the Brighton Reception and  sharing all the details that I wasn’t able to for fear of ruining some surprises! And don’t worry, even after I’ve blogged every single detail about my wedding, I’ll still be here to cover all the beautiful boho wedding loveliness because I absolutely bloody love all things weddings!

But in the mean time, here’s a funny parody of Iggy Azelea’s “I’m so Fancy” that I saw last week that cracked me up.

Will be back soon!