Beautiful Boho dresses (I Do Love Buzzfeed!)

Hola beautiful Brides to be!

So sorry for the lack of posts – it’s been so mad the last month in the lead up to the Big Day.

CANNOT BELIEVE IT’S A MONTH UNTIL WE SAY I DO!!!! Yes this needed to be shouted.

Where has the time gone? I’ve still got so many things to tick off the to do list so if I’m a bit sporadic in communication I apologise. There’s so many things I want to post about but:

A. Can’t find the time to do so and

B. I can’t as there are things I want to keep a secret from The Boy, my bridesmaids and my guests. So it’s all hush hush at the mo.

But have no fear because I plan to bare all once that ring is on my finger! I’ll be giving you the breakdown on my planning tools, all the DIY bits we’ve been doing and there will be lots of photos coming your way.

However in the meantime, I recently saw this post on Buzzfeed which I just had to share.

36 of the Most Effortlessly Beautiful Boho Wedding Dresses Ever.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  

Here are just a few of my faves:

Boho Dress 2 Boho Dress 1 Boho Dress 3 Boho dress 4 Boho dress 5 Boho Dress 7 Boho dress 8 Boho dress 6

Image credits – Various

Beauts aren’t they!

I’ve got another wedding dress fitting tomorrow so will let you all know how it’s all going. Veil is done and apparently looks lovely. I keep telling the Boy that I’m not having a dress.  Just a veil and an white mankini.



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