Friday’s Loveliness – Ibiza Love

I’ve got summer sun on the brain and seriously counting down the days until our holiday wedding. So been pinning sexay beach outfits ready for when summer hits the shops – check these beauts:

No pic credit

No pic credit

Pic credit - Liberian Girl

Pic credit – Liberian Girl

Pic credit - Tobi

Pic credit – Tobi

Pic credit - Stone Cold Fox

Pic credit – Stone Cold Fox

Pic credit - Who What Wear

Pic credit – Who What Wear

Pic credit - Black Swan

Pic credit – Black Swan

Pic credit - Cause we are young

Pic credit – Cause we are young

Pic credit -

Pic credit –

Pic credit- Pretty Stuff

Pic credit- Pretty Stuff

Pic credit - They all hate us

Pic credit – They all hate us

Proper hot right? Pay day can’t roll round quick enough.


Wedding Dress material purchased!

Yep – all material bought and the Mother in Law to be (MINLTB) has 3 months and counting to get her sew on!

So a couple of weeks ago we headed to the London Town and found our way to the famous Berwick Street (near to Oxford Street) which is lined with glorious fabric shops. Thankfully we came prepared – the MILTB worked out and measured all material we would need for “The Dress” and I printed out some of the pics of the dresses that I like so the shop assistants could see what we were trying to achieve.

And all the shops were fantastic, really helpful staff who knew exactly what they were talking about.  Once we explained what were trying to do, they pulled out some stunning fabrics for us to touch and feel.  We got the main dress material sorted pretty quickly – silk for the lining, and silk georgette for the top layer which is lovely and light. However it was the lace element that really stumped us as there was so much choice! Initially I wanted a fine lace but the super assistants draped me in the material and then added the lace so we could see what it would look like. With so much white material,  a fine lace got lost.  It seemed that a heavy corded lace was the way to go.


Just some of the pretty lace we saw



We thought we’d keep looking but seriously after the 3rd shop, I was losing the will to live. There really is only so much material you can be draped in. Thankfully the last shop had the most gorgeous lace I’d seen, all the dress material and the material for the veil. Phew. Time for some wine.

After a yummy lunch and a bottle of wine, we stumbled wound our way to MacCulloch & Wallis, a huge haberdashery which is just off Oxford Street, half way between Oxford Circus and Bond Street tube stations just to pick up some additional bits like boob cups (attractive!), trims and zips. We may have stopping in a few shops before we meandered home. It’d be criminal not to have done really.

So my advice for shopping for wedding dress material:

  • Research where you want to go –  I knew Berwick Street had lots of fabric shops all close together.  We hit Broadwick Silks, The Berwick Street Cloth Shop, The Silk Society and the Cloth House.
  • Be prepared to spend money.  French Lace is VERY expensive. Yes it may seem alot of money there and then, but think about how much a wedding dress is if you bought it from a boutique. The material we bought was a fifth of the cost of the dress I had in mind.
  • Shop around to get the best price. Tulle in one shop was £45 a metre – ok granted it was the softest silk tulle in the world but another shop, practically the same tulle was £8.50 a metre.
  • Negotiate.  If you are buying all your fabric in store, be cheeky and ask for a discount. We got 10% of our bill just by asking.
  • Wear flat shoes. You’ll be walking for what seems like miles.
  • Make sure you know exactly how much you need and a rough idea of the kind of material you want. You’ll probably want to have a rough esitmate of your budget too.
  • Be decisive!

I’m so excited to see how it’s going to look and hopefully all these crazy ideas in my head work out. I think the MINTB is a little bit scared to start chopping up into the material but I know she’ll do a stellar job. Will keep you updated.


Friday’s Loveliness – Some of my favourite shops


Love a Friday me! Especially when I have a lovely weekend to look forward to – we’re heading to the big smoke with a little wedding shopping in the day and drinks in the evening with some old Uni friends. And when I say drinks in the evening, I mean copious amounts of Vodka and Jagerbombs. #HangoverSunday.

Anywho I think I’ve found my Little White Dress to sign our wedding papers in before we fly out to Ibiza for the wedding.  I wanted something low key, short and white lace and I think I’ve found it. I say “I think” because there’s a possibilty that it’s a little see through so need to try it on in the sunlight.  Don’t think a see through dress would look good in any of the photos – do you?

However, in my search for the perfect little white lace dress, I came across these GORGEOUS websites that are perfect if you are looking to update your boho wardrobe and I just had to share. I’ll share just as long as you don’t blame me for spending all of your next month’s wages right now.

First up is Bona Drag

Bona Drag

Bona Drag Dresses

There’s such a variety of designers on Bona Drag which is fab – make sure you check out the jewellery – loving the Aesa range.

Next up is Revolve who are kind of like Asos but based in the States.  I found my little white dress on this site and they have some beautiful little dresses.

Revolve 1


Now the next one is a fav of mine.  I love the name For Love and Lemons and they have the most incredible editorials that really showcase their collections.  But you’ve got to be quick as their popular pieces sell out fast.

For Love and Lemons


For Love and Lemons Dresses

And last but not least, the ever so covetable Spell & The Gypsy Collective.  These Australian designers make me want to fly out there now, buy one of everything and then party until the break of dawn in my new threads.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 22.20.00

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 22.21.58

Seriously – I’ve been wanting both that Glastonbury dress and Lola dress for like FOREVER! Hubby to Be take note!

Have you spotted any awesome online shops I should keep an eye out?


The First Kiss

What?! Two blog posts from me on one day?! Unheard of!

However, this little video just had to be shared. Amateur filmmaker Tatia Pilieva paired 20 strangers and asked them to kiss on camera for the first time. No other instructions.

What was caught on camera was awkward, funny, cute, heart warming and in some instances seriously hot. Makes me think what our first kiss as married Man and Wife will look like – hopefully not like couple 4. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Enjoy! xx



Getting there….

My my my – what a busy weekend we’ve had! A most beautiful dive up to the ‘Shire to meet my bestie’s new baby and what a gorgeous baby he is! Got my fill of cuddles and kisses and then shimmied over to Bicester Village to do some damage. I’d say I was pretty good and came away with a few well chosen bargains, but mainly my wedding ring. Eeeekkk!

You can read here my dilemma about choosing a wedding band as my engagement ring has quite a unique design so the wedding ring needed to compliment it well. And compliment it does! I love it so much that I want to wear it now! Right this minute! June can not come quick enough.

Can’t show you the ring for obvious reasons so you’ll just have to wait (like me) until the big day. But here’s the very pretty box just to whet your appetites.

Annoushka Wedding Ring


I also think I’ve found my wedding shoes, Bridesmaids wedding shoes, clutch bag and The Boy has bought the groomsmen’s trousers so we are slowly but surely ticking things off the to do list.  Poor wedding account is getting a kick this weekend.

Right off to send some copy off to my MOH who’s making my Brighton invites so catch you when you’re older.