Beautiful Glowing Skin

Well the countdown is on so I really need to start thinking about compiling my hair and beauty boards for the make up artist and how to ensure that my skin in in tip-top shape for ‘Beefa.

This little gem of an article from Refinery29 popped up in my email and it’s well worth a read – 5 tips to Beautiful skin that won’t cost a dime – seriously!

Basically it says to:

1. Massage your skin after cleansing and moisturising – sounds easy enough.

2. Sleep on two pillows so any fluids can drain away from your face – I’m a two pillow kinda girl anyway.

3. Wear a tight ponytail –  I do this most days anyway as I’m too lazy to wash my hair everyday.

4. Smile! Hmmm – depends on what mood I’m in.

5. Get your beauty sleep – don’t you know I’m trying to plan a wedding?!

Sounds simple right – well I’m going to try it and let you know how I get on.

Anyone else got any fab tips to get my skin looking buff and dewy like this stunner?



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