Little White Dresses


Have been crazy crazy crazy busy this last week. I’m hoping that the excessive use of the word crazy really shows you how mad it’s been!

So my week has gone like this:

  • Tried on my full practice dress which fits like a glove – so unbelievably happy with it! Had to ask Mother In Law to be to make some tiny adjustments but it’s down to a T.  Booked my train tickets to go up to the big ol’ smoke to trawl through all the fabric shops on Berwick Street in 2 weeks so she can start cracking on with the real thing. Holy moly.
  • Booked our honeymoon. One week volunteering in Tanzania and and then a few day relaxing in Zanzibar. So excited as my body is crying out for some summer sun.
  • Wrote a new blog post for the lovely Festival Brides about “The Boy’s” Dilemma in finding his suit which you can read here
  • Made the bridesmaid’s boho headpieces – they do look lovely. Also made a funky body chain for me for Ibiza. #skills
  • Cut our confetti – BY HAND. Serious blistered fingers. Not really. A few sore spots. No that’s a lie. Just got bored and stopped.
  • Panicked when I realised it’s only FOUR months until we say I do. Where the frick has the time gone?!
  • Worked out like a dog – 7 miles run this week (doesn’t sound alot but when you hate running as much as me, that’s like a marathon) and swimming and a few boxercise classes thrown in.
  • Also searched the internet high and low for a suitable dress to sign the papers in. Don’t want to spend mega bucks but want it to look nice obvs.  Came across some of these beauties:
Short white Boho Dress

Pic credit – BHLDN

Short white Boho dress

Pic credit – Chicisimo

I’m hoping that the March / April collections will throw up some beauties. Still need to find my little niece’s bridesmaid dress. And my shoes. And the Bridesmaid’s shoes. Oh and The Boy needs to find the groomsmens outfits. And their shoes. And his shoes. And have his shirt made.

We’ve got plenty of time.

Like loads of time.

Haven’t we?!





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