Friday’s Loveliness – Food Glorious Food

Prepare for your tastebuds to start salivating. I’ve been thinking about reception food ideas this week and I swear I’ve been wanting to devour everything in sight so it’s only fitting to make it a Food Friday.

So as we’re getting married in Ibiza but also having a good ‘ol knees up here for those that can’t make it, I love the idea of putting out a yummy feast of Mediterranean  tapas that everyone can dig into.

Pic Credit - BKWinery

Pic Credit – BKWinery

Pic Credit - BKWinery

Pic Credit – BKWinery

And we’ve definitely got to have some Chorizo as a nod to Ibiza times :

Pic credit -

Pic credit – The Galley Gourmet

What about Bacon and Asparagus?  Bacon always makes things better:

Pic credit - How Sweet Eats

Pic credit – How Sweet Eats

And you’ve got to have a few carbs to soak up any alcohol right?

Croissants with pesto, rucola, figs and prosciutto. Pic Credit - Cooking Recipe Noemie

Croissants with pesto, rucola, figs and prosciutto. Pic Credit – Cooking Recipe Noemie


Pic credit - Stagetecture

Pic credit – Stagetecture

It seems that that trend at the moment is Food Bars – so Cake Bars, Sweet Bars, Taco Bars. Well anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m ADDICTED to Popcorn so when I saw this, I was like I want this in my home, right now. A massive, never ending bucket of popcorn. *Heaven*.

Pic Credit - The Berry

Pic Credit – The Berry

I’ve always said to The Boy, that should I ever win the lottery, I would build an indoor swimming pool and fill it with popcorn and work my way through that badboy. That is how serious my addition is.

And because of that, I’ve just signed up to a 6 week Bikini Bootcamp starting next Tuesday. Which I’ve just realised is Pancake Day. Gutted.

Oh well – I have a very exciting weekend to help me get over this tragedy – I’m heading up to the ‘Shire to see my beautiful Bridesmaid and her new Bubba! We’re going to cover him in kisses, have a good catch up and then The Boy and I are heading to the madness that is Bicester Village. Hoping to pick up some wedding bargains so will let you know how we go. Credit card at the ready.

Mucho love xxx

My guest blog piece on Festival Brides is now live….

Festival Brides


Yup yup that’s me again! New blog post up now on the fab Festival Brides – have a gander if you’ve got a mo!

And keep an eye out here tomorrow morning for my Friday’s Loveliness – all I can say is make sure you’ve had your breakfast. Lots of yummy reception food ideas coming your way! Nom nom nom.


Beautiful Glowing Skin

Well the countdown is on so I really need to start thinking about compiling my hair and beauty boards for the make up artist and how to ensure that my skin in in tip-top shape for ‘Beefa.

This little gem of an article from Refinery29 popped up in my email and it’s well worth a read – 5 tips to Beautiful skin that won’t cost a dime – seriously!

Basically it says to:

1. Massage your skin after cleansing and moisturising – sounds easy enough.

2. Sleep on two pillows so any fluids can drain away from your face – I’m a two pillow kinda girl anyway.

3. Wear a tight ponytail –  I do this most days anyway as I’m too lazy to wash my hair everyday.

4. Smile! Hmmm – depends on what mood I’m in.

5. Get your beauty sleep – don’t you know I’m trying to plan a wedding?!

Sounds simple right – well I’m going to try it and let you know how I get on.

Anyone else got any fab tips to get my skin looking buff and dewy like this stunner?


Friday’s Loveliness – Valentine’s Loving

Happy Valentine’s Day you beautiful lot you!

Hope you have something special planned with your loved ones? There’s steak, bottle of red and World War Zombie Z waiting for us when we get home. So romantic.

Well to celebrate the day of Cupid, I’d thought I post up some of my favourite pictures of lip locking love. How pretty are these shots?

Pic credit - White Magazine

Pic credit – White Magazine

Pic credit - Wed Over Heels

Pic credit – Wed Over Heels

Pic credit - The Lane

Pic credit – The Lane

Pic credit - The Lane

Pic credit – The Lane

Pic credit - Fashion me now

Pic credit – Fashion me now

Pic credit - The Lane

Pic credit – The Lane

Aren’t these couples gorgeous! If we can get any shots like these from our wedding, I’ll be over the moon.

Lots of kisses xxxx

Little White Dresses


Have been crazy crazy crazy busy this last week. I’m hoping that the excessive use of the word crazy really shows you how mad it’s been!

So my week has gone like this:

  • Tried on my full practice dress which fits like a glove – so unbelievably happy with it! Had to ask Mother In Law to be to make some tiny adjustments but it’s down to a T.  Booked my train tickets to go up to the big ol’ smoke to trawl through all the fabric shops on Berwick Street in 2 weeks so she can start cracking on with the real thing. Holy moly.
  • Booked our honeymoon. One week volunteering in Tanzania and and then a few day relaxing in Zanzibar. So excited as my body is crying out for some summer sun.
  • Wrote a new blog post for the lovely Festival Brides about “The Boy’s” Dilemma in finding his suit which you can read here
  • Made the bridesmaid’s boho headpieces – they do look lovely. Also made a funky body chain for me for Ibiza. #skills
  • Cut our confetti – BY HAND. Serious blistered fingers. Not really. A few sore spots. No that’s a lie. Just got bored and stopped.
  • Panicked when I realised it’s only FOUR months until we say I do. Where the frick has the time gone?!
  • Worked out like a dog – 7 miles run this week (doesn’t sound alot but when you hate running as much as me, that’s like a marathon) and swimming and a few boxercise classes thrown in.
  • Also searched the internet high and low for a suitable dress to sign the papers in. Don’t want to spend mega bucks but want it to look nice obvs.  Came across some of these beauties:
Short white Boho Dress

Pic credit – BHLDN

Short white Boho dress

Pic credit – Chicisimo

I’m hoping that the March / April collections will throw up some beauties. Still need to find my little niece’s bridesmaid dress. And my shoes. And the Bridesmaid’s shoes. Oh and The Boy needs to find the groomsmens outfits. And their shoes. And his shoes. And have his shirt made.

We’ve got plenty of time.

Like loads of time.

Haven’t we?!




Magical Running Trainers?

I am such a cheapskate when it comes to my work out clothes. I think it’s because I can’t wear them “Out Out.” Would much rather buy a hot dress or fab pair of shoes rather than a work out vest.

And because of this, I’ve had the same pair of Asics running trainers like for the last 3 years.  I know – bad form! But the reality is, I probably spend more time in my work out gear than I do my “Out Out” clothes. I work out 5-6 days a week so I really do need a decent pair of trainers.

So I bought these bad boys. Pretty right? I’m a flat footed runner so these provide the arch support I need plus I’m hoping they’ll have some badass magical powers and make me run for miles.

Nike Lunalglide+ 5

Nike Lunalglide+ 5

Tip of the day, make sure you shop around for a good price – I got these from SportsDirect.

Will let you know how I get on with my amazing running. FYI – I HATE running. xxx