Friday’s Loveliness – Planning Funsies

My wedding planning head has been on all this week which has led to lots of bits and bobs checked off my to do list. Score!

I’m a massive organiser anyway, it’s what I do as a major part of my job and I have a serious Love-Love relationship with Excel spreadsheets (Geek out!) so when my lovely bridesmaid sent me through one of those wedding timelines, it was great to see that we are ahead of schedule. However, there is still plenty do and alot of that is some good ol’ DIY so need to get a-cracking as really don’t fancy panicking last minute and rushing around like a headless chicken. Cluck Cluck.

So when this great article on Buzzfeed popped up in my feed on how to plan your wedding, I was in organiser heaven! And then it made me start thinking about the amazing tools I’ve been using to get organised and thought perhaps you lovely ladies could benefit from them too? So here’s a round up of some of the things I’ve found useful so far:

There are plenty of timelines out there but I like this one from DIY Bride as it’s simple and I liked the funky layout. Click on the pic to see the whole timeline.

Pic Credit - DIY Bride

Pic Credit – DIY Bride

This little genius idea of how to organise your guestlist was a life safer as nearly forgot to ask guests their food choices on the invitations. How annoying would that be to get all the RSVPs in and then realise you need to contact all your guests agin to find out what they want to eat?! Also I LOVE the OCD-ness of how the Bride has collated all the information she needs. Brilliant.

Pic Credit - Little Wed Plan

Pic Credit – Little Wed Plan

Now once had all the RSVPs are in, how do you go about the headache that is the seating plan? Well this little beauty helped me right out. Post It notes – who would have thunk it?!

Pic credit - Something Turquoise

Pic credit – Something Turquoise

Now the wedding processional has always stumped me.  Who’s to go first? Does the Flowergirl come before or after the Bridesmaids? Should the Officiant be at the front before or after the Groom? When do I come in?! (Duh – no brainer). This infographic helps ALOT.

Processinal Order

Pic credit – Disney

Now my fave – hair and beauty. I’ve neglected this so far so it’s good for me to write about this to remind me to get on it. I’m in the process of doing my moodboards for my hair and make up stylist and working out like a demon but it’s good to know when I should get a hair trim, when to be ready by on the day and all that jazz.

Pic Credit - PopSugar

Pic Credit – PopSugar

So those are just a few of the checklists I’ve found on the Internet but it did take some time to find all of this information – either by chance or researching or Pinterest.  I’ve found that there are plenty of websites to help you plan the wedding – a majority of them American which isn’t so great if your planning a wedding in the UK or even a destination wedding.  Got me thinking about what would make it easier for someone who isn’t as organised as me and might need a little help. Came up with a few exciting ideas so if you’re a new Bride to Be watch this space!

Lots of Excel Love xxxxx


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