Eeeek! I’m a guest blogger on Festival Brides!

So last month I got an email from the very lovely ladies of Festival Brides who had found me via my Instagram page and asked me to be a guest blogger. Clearly I said yes straight away – have you seen the blog?! It’s gorgeous! Lots of fantastic inspiration, festival weddings  and great advice on planning a not so traditional wedding. You can read my blog post here.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 13.33.37

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! I’ll still be here writing nonsensical things as always but just spreading the love.

So a little update from me – I’ve got one more invitation to send out and then I can reveal our wedding invites.  Have been dying to write about them for ages but thought I’d wait until everyone had received them – we absolutely love them. A huge thanks goes to my beautiful Maid of Honour who put my crazy scribblings together and made them look lovely as. She even printed the back of the invitation and had it framed for me for my birthday present. LOVE HER!


Operation “Get Buff for ‘Beffa” has also started.  My legs are killing me from Boxercise classes and I’m currently eating my Chicken Miso Soup as I write this (recipe is here – make it NOW – it’s delicious and oh so healthy.) Oh and I’ve stupidly signed up for another Triathalon which takes place in June so will be keeping you updated with training and nutrition plans.

I’ve definitely got my wedding planning and writing head on now so make sure you come back more for more updates – I can’t believe it’s less than 6 months before the big day. Where the frick has the time gone?!

Lots of Love and Miso Soup xxxx


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