Friday’s Loveliness – Planning Funsies

My wedding planning head has been on all this week which has led to lots of bits and bobs checked off my to do list. Score!

I’m a massive organiser anyway, it’s what I do as a major part of my job and I have a serious Love-Love relationship with Excel spreadsheets (Geek out!) so when my lovely bridesmaid sent me through one of those wedding timelines, it was great to see that we are ahead of schedule. However, there is still plenty do and alot of that is some good ol’ DIY so need to get a-cracking as really don’t fancy panicking last minute and rushing around like a headless chicken. Cluck Cluck.

So when this great article on Buzzfeed popped up in my feed on how to plan your wedding, I was in organiser heaven! And then it made me start thinking about the amazing tools I’ve been using to get organised and thought perhaps you lovely ladies could benefit from them too? So here’s a round up of some of the things I’ve found useful so far:

There are plenty of timelines out there but I like this one from DIY Bride as it’s simple and I liked the funky layout. Click on the pic to see the whole timeline.

Pic Credit - DIY Bride

Pic Credit – DIY Bride

This little genius idea of how to organise your guestlist was a life safer as nearly forgot to ask guests their food choices on the invitations. How annoying would that be to get all the RSVPs in and then realise you need to contact all your guests agin to find out what they want to eat?! Also I LOVE the OCD-ness of how the Bride has collated all the information she needs. Brilliant.

Pic Credit - Little Wed Plan

Pic Credit – Little Wed Plan

Now once had all the RSVPs are in, how do you go about the headache that is the seating plan? Well this little beauty helped me right out. Post It notes – who would have thunk it?!

Pic credit - Something Turquoise

Pic credit – Something Turquoise

Now the wedding processional has always stumped me.  Who’s to go first? Does the Flowergirl come before or after the Bridesmaids? Should the Officiant be at the front before or after the Groom? When do I come in?! (Duh – no brainer). This infographic helps ALOT.

Processinal Order

Pic credit – Disney

Now my fave – hair and beauty. I’ve neglected this so far so it’s good for me to write about this to remind me to get on it. I’m in the process of doing my moodboards for my hair and make up stylist and working out like a demon but it’s good to know when I should get a hair trim, when to be ready by on the day and all that jazz.

Pic Credit - PopSugar

Pic Credit – PopSugar

So those are just a few of the checklists I’ve found on the Internet but it did take some time to find all of this information – either by chance or researching or Pinterest.  I’ve found that there are plenty of websites to help you plan the wedding – a majority of them American which isn’t so great if your planning a wedding in the UK or even a destination wedding.  Got me thinking about what would make it easier for someone who isn’t as organised as me and might need a little help. Came up with a few exciting ideas so if you’re a new Bride to Be watch this space!

Lots of Excel Love xxxxx

Friday’s Loveliness – Boho Beauty

One of my jobs on this weekend’s to-do list is to create some inspiration boards for make up ideas for myself and my bridesmaids, so I can zip them over to our lovely make up artist ready for our trial in the next couple of months.  I’m liking the beautiful bareface with a glow for a boho bridal look, but then again, I’m partial to a strong red lip and cat eye flick a la Miranda Kerr. Choices choices!

Pic credit - Airows

Pic credit – Airows

Pic credit - Market Place Weddings

Pic credit – Market Place Weddings

Pic Credit - Ruby and Moon

Pic Credit – Ruby and Moon

Picture Credit - Couldn't find it sorry!

Pic Credit – Couldn’t find it sorry!

Perhaps the Red Lippy can come out in the evening?

All I know is that I want to look like me, but a more glamourous version of me. I know it’s going to be very hot so whatever I choose needs to stay on my face and not drip all over the beautiful white dress. No shiny T-zone please! Oh and waterproof mascara will probably be a good idea.

I’m going to keep scouring the net for more inspiration – any ideas what you lovely ladies have in mind?


Eating Clean and Training Mean

It’s that time of the year isn’t it. Flocks of people heading to the gym, new runners on the seafront, Dry January and all the rest.  I’m so up for people having new Year’s resolutions and saying that they’re going to cut back on drinking, smoking and start to eat healthy and work out more, but come mid February, these good intentions seem to have gone out the window.

Not for me. I’m sure every bride to be is on a health kick in the lead up to their big day and I’ll be the first one to raise my hand and say that over the last 2 months, I have been epically lazy.  Shoving lots of bread, pasta, chocolate and wine down my gob and having no motivation to work out.  And it definitely shows.  I’ve lost most of the muscle tone I created whilst training for last year’s Triathalon, have no energy and look like a spotty 14 year old. Great.

Not anymore.  Me and the Boy are on a massive health kick. As mentioned Operation “Get Buff for Beefa” is ON. I found out last week that my Body shape is a typical Apple Shape. Which means, skinny legs and small arse but plenty of weight on my arms and stomach.  Yep that’s me alright. To stay in shape, this article said I need to do lots of cardio to tone up my problem areas and cut down on the weight training.  So hopefully my training plan of lots of running, swimming and cycling with a few Boxercise classes thrown in will get me to my desired Buff for ‘Beefa body.

What else?  So I’ve create a meal plan every weekend for the upcoming week so I know exactly what I’m shovelling down my gob.  I’m not cutting out all the carbs because I’d go crazy but just substitued these for the better kind. So out with the white and in with the brown – brown rice, pasta and wholemeal bread. Minimal carbs for dinner and minimal bis’quits, chocolate and sugar.  I’m definitely not giving up booze because life wouldn’t be worth living but cutting down a little and sticking to vodka and soda or white wine spritzers (hopefully cuts down on the hangovers too!)

I’ve found some very yummy recipies which have gone down a treat in our household and I had to share them with you.


Found this great recipie on The Black Pearl Blog for breakfast pancakes using 4 ingredients. 1 x ripe banana, 2 eggs, 1 x scoop protein powder and a splash of milk. Oh an a pinch of backing powder if you have it. I used the Boy’s protein powder which tastes like Angel Delight and the pancakes were delish! Recipe can be found here.

Yummy Protein Pancakes. pic credit: The Black Pearl Blog

Yummy Protein Pancakes. pic credit: The Black Pearl Blog


The Boy is follwing the Men’s Health V8 Challenge as he justs wants to bulk up a little and they have some fab recipies on their website.  A very tasty receipe was this salmon and soba noodles parcel. And talk about easy! Someone with no culinary skills can make it.  Just boil the Soba noodles (wholewheat noodles which can be bought from any Oriental store) for 4 mins, lay it on a piece of foil, top with spinach, carrots, mushrooms, garlic, spring onions and 1 x salmon steak. A splash of soy sauce, close the parcel and bung in oven for 15 mins. Take out, unwrap, eat. Delish recipe can be found here:

Slamon and Soba Noodles Parcel. Pic credit: Men's Health

Slamon and Soba Noodles Parcel. Pic credit: Men’s Health


Yet another recipie from Men’s Health. Easy peasy Grilled Green Chicken.  You need to plan ahead for this one but it will be worth it – trust me. It involves chicken thighs skin off and de-boned, yogurt, mint, corriander (I used dried) Garam Masala spice or whatever Curry paste you’ll prob have in the fridge and 1 x chilli. Chuck all the ingredients together bar the chicken, mix it up proper good so it’s a paste and then pour over chicken and leave to marinate for at least a few hours or overnight. Take it out, wipe off most of the paste and chuck under grill until cooked. Serve with Brown rice and / or Salad. Delish x 2! Recipe found here

Grilled Green Chicken. pic credit: Men's Health

Grilled Green Chicken. Pic credit: Men’s Health

Seriously, who knew healthy food can be so yummy?!

Ok, I’m off to trawl the net for more recipies for next week’s meal plan. Holla back if you’ve got any great recipies up your sleeve!


The Awards Season is upon us.

Oh how I love Awards Season. Gorgeous dresses galore. I’ve always wanted to gatecrash a glamourous awards do but I’d probably end up throwing myself at Ryan Gosling and getting rugby tackled to the floor. It would be totally worth it though.

Anyway I digress.  The Golden Globes were on Sunday and as per usual there were some lovely dresses on show.  Here are a few of my winners from the night:

Margot Robbie in Gucci with beading to waist and shoulder

Margot Robbie in Gucci with beading to waist and shoulder

Naomi Watts in Tom Ford

Naomi Watts in Tom Ford

Kate Beckinsale in Zuhair Murad Fishtail

Kate Beckinsale in Zuhair Murad Fishtail

Lupita Nyong'o in Ralph Lauren with cape detail

Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren with cape detail

Cate Blanchett in Valentino

Cate Blanchett in Valentino

Definitely some wedding dress inspiration here don’t you think?


Friday’s Loveliness – It’s all about the Ring.


I’ve got rings on the brain this week as I’m a little worried that it might take me a while to find the perfect ring to fit my perfect engagement ring. The Lanes in Brighton have charming antique jewellery shops galore and that’s where we found my ring so I’m hoping a stroll down the Lanes will come up trumps once again.

One thing I need to consider is that I need to find a wedding band that not only fits with the art deco style but actually fits snugly against the engagement ring as you can see in the piccy below:

The Boy done good!

The Boy done good!

So what could work? Any of these beauties perhaps?

1. Ruffled

Pic credit: Ruffled

2 Cathy Waterman

Pic credit: Cathy Waterman

Pic credit: Etsy GNG Jewel

Pic credit: Etsy GNG Jewel

Aren’t they all lovely?  I love the skinny band ring encrusted with diamonds. Yes yes yes, it looks like an eternity ring but it’s ever so pretty isn’t it?

Looking forward to trying a few on – will let you know how I get on.

Have a good weekend lovelies!  Xxx

Eeeek! I’m a guest blogger on Festival Brides!

So last month I got an email from the very lovely ladies of Festival Brides who had found me via my Instagram page and asked me to be a guest blogger. Clearly I said yes straight away – have you seen the blog?! It’s gorgeous! Lots of fantastic inspiration, festival weddings  and great advice on planning a not so traditional wedding. You can read my blog post here.

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 13.33.37

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! I’ll still be here writing nonsensical things as always but just spreading the love.

So a little update from me – I’ve got one more invitation to send out and then I can reveal our wedding invites.  Have been dying to write about them for ages but thought I’d wait until everyone had received them – we absolutely love them. A huge thanks goes to my beautiful Maid of Honour who put my crazy scribblings together and made them look lovely as. She even printed the back of the invitation and had it framed for me for my birthday present. LOVE HER!


Operation “Get Buff for ‘Beffa” has also started.  My legs are killing me from Boxercise classes and I’m currently eating my Chicken Miso Soup as I write this (recipe is here – make it NOW – it’s delicious and oh so healthy.) Oh and I’ve stupidly signed up for another Triathalon which takes place in June so will be keeping you updated with training and nutrition plans.

I’ve definitely got my wedding planning and writing head on now so make sure you come back more for more updates – I can’t believe it’s less than 6 months before the big day. Where the frick has the time gone?!

Lots of Love and Miso Soup xxxx

Friday’s Loveliness – Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Happy New Year you lovely lot! Did you all have a fabulous Christmas and New Year? I certainly did – lots of family love, dancing, food and drink. Oh and Ferrero Rocher. So much so, my body is crying out for a detox…more about that later.

So today’s Friday’s Loveliness which I’m sure you can guess by the title is SHOES!

Getting married by the beach really makes purchasing shoes difficult because delicate heels are just not practical.  However massive stacked wedges just won’t do as even though the Boy is 6′ 2″, I’m 5′ 8″ so I don’t want to be towering on huge platforms.  What do you think of these?

Pic credit - Preston Bailey

Pic credit – Preston Bailey

Pic Credit - Sergio Rossi

Pic Credit – Sergio Rossi

Pic Credit - Wedding Wire

Pic Credit – Wedding Wire

Pic Credit - Shopbop

Pic Credit – Shopbop

Pic Credit - KimGray

Pic Credit – KimGray

I do love those Sergio Rossi’s but I somehow don’t think my budget can stretch to a pair of those. A girl can dream though right?!

Well I’m off to go and start planning my nutritional food plan for the next month. Get Buff for ‘Beefa starts now – watch this space!