Music Maestro….

Happy Christmas Eve lovely people!!!

I don’t know how the weather is where you guys are, but here in Brighton, it’s absolutely horrid. Gale force winds and non stop wind.  Oh the joy of living by the sea in the winter.

It’s been so cold and wet that all I’ve wanted to do is hibernate (why isn’t this a thing for humans?!) Well if I can’t hibernate,then I’ll happily curl up on the sofa, pick one of my favourite albums and drink wine.

Which got me thinking about our music playlists and how we’re going to organise this overseas.  Ibiza is a mecca for music so we could hire a DJ, except for the fact that they are mega bucks. Bucks we don’t have. Thankfully, our lovely wedding co-ordinator can organise in DJ equipment which is fine as the Sister In Law to be boyfriend is a DJ so can mix the tracks for us as longs we give him the playlists.

So how do you go about planning your music for your day? How do you know that the music choices you make are going to keep everyone happy?  What happens if a song comes on and no one knows it?  What happens if no-one gets up and dances?

Well fingers crossed, all my guests who are coming to Ibiza love a little boogie and if you put some classic tunes on then there’s no way that they’re not going to throw some shapes on the dancefloor. And you can’t make everyone happy so just go with what you think is best. At the end of the day – IT IS YOUR DAY.

The Boy and I love our music, Glastonbury being the highlight of this year but clearly our guests are not going to like it if I put Disclosure’s album on repeat (but we should – it’s one EPIC album) so we’ll save a couple of songs until the after party. I think the whole day needs a some mix and match, some old and new and some tunes and cheese.

I’ve tried to think out how to break the day down into “parts” and what music would suit and come up with a playlist name to help us segment music into the appropriate playlist. Organised right?! Oh yea. So playlists so far are:

  • Guest Arrivals – Chilled tunes acapella style – think Radio 1 Live Lounge
  • Processional – A few love songs chucked in and my walk down the aisle song
  • Reception Drinks – Upbeat, chilled happy music to keep the guests entertained whilst we are whisked away to have a few photos taken – think Bob Marley, Beach Boys, The Lumineers etc
  • Dinner – Chilled but up – tempo – Ed Sheeran, Jamie Woon, Mumford and Sons, Ben Howard etc.
  • First Dance Song which leads into fun songs to get everybody up and dancing – think Blurred Lines, Get Lucky, Play that Funky Music…
  • Chill down – Some more chilled music to wind down to – think Chilled House Ibiza stylee
  • After party Bangers – we’ll be holding an after party at the Hen and Stag villa so will need some right bangers to get on it again i.e Disclosure on repeat

We’ve still got 6 months to finalise all the music so plenty of time yet. I’m sure there are going to be lots of songs and bands we’ll fall in love with before the Big Day so we know it’s an ongoing project.  What’s on your playlists lovelies? Would love any recommendations!





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