Flipagram Funsies

So I kept seeing all these beautiful videos on my Instagram – you know the ones, slideshows of pretty pics set to music, and I thought they must take ages to make and require some nifty software so there was no way little ol’ me could make them.

Then last night, the Boy thrust his phone in my face and said proudly “Look what I’ve made” and lo and behold he’s made this amazing video of our last trip to Ibiza using all his pics on his phone, bopping crazily away to “Blurred Lines.”

“How did you do that?!” I screeched. “Flipagram” he smugly replied. (If you haven’t noticed, I’m the geek of the two so he loved being the techy one. Just this one time mind.)

So straight onto Google Play (I’m on Android. Shock horror!) and downloaded said App and away we go.  This is my first video:

It’s such great little app and not only does it pretty up my page but how fab would it be it to use it for engagement shoots and wedding pics?  We never liked the idea of having a long video to watch but something that flicks though all our fav pics of the day set to music is perfect.

And the beauty is ANYONE can do it.  All you need is a smartphone and time.

You learn something new every day eh?

Let me know what you think and I’d love to see your Flipagrams. Find me and follow me on Instagram – @bridebythebeach



Jaw dropping dresses – Julie Vino

Earlier this year, I wrote this piece on two of my favourite wedding dress designers Lihi Hod and Zahavit Tshuba.  Now there must be something in the water in Tel Aviv because I’ve found yet another designer who makes the most stunning dresses and guess where she’s based?! Yep yep – Tel Aviv!

Please bow in wedding dress appreciation for Julie Vino. These glorious pics are from her 2014 collection and each one is a stunner.

These dresses are perfect for a boho beach casual wedding  or a dressed up black tie soiree. The lace on these dresses are divine and you know how I’m partial to beautiful backs. I’m in love. With every single one of them. Can I pretend that my wedding is like an awards show and change my dress at every ad break please?


















Pretty Wedding Video to cure your Monday blues

If you like funky DIY, food and pretty things, you will absolutely love this blog – A Beautiful Mess.

It’s a gorgeous blog filled with lovely posts on all the above and it’s written by two sisters Elsie and Emma.  Emma got married this year and her wedding was beautiful.  Her wedding video is one of my favs. Why? Because it’s short (I get bored by anything longer than 5mins), it’s wonderfully shot and really shows off the details and all the fun and love of their day.

Hope you love it as much as I do.

It really doesn’t matter.

So I might have had a little over reaction at the Boy the other day. But find me a Bride to be who hasn’t had a little one of these and I’ll show you a LIAR!

It was over the stupidest thing too. Ribbon. Yes ribbon. How ridiculous. But in the heat of the moment it was like “YOU”VE RUINED EVERYTHING!!!”

Looking back at it, if I could go back into time and see myself get worked up over something as trivial as this then I would happily step up to my other self and give her a slap. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.

It won’t matter if the table plan goes awry, it won’t matter if you forget a song off your playlist, it won’t matter if it rains, and it certainly won’t matter if the ribbon is the wrong shade of blue. All that matters is that you are marrying the love of your life and he’s chosen you to be his girl until the end of time, even if you do get a bit hysterical now and again.



Friday’s Loveliness – Gorgeous Glorious Gems

Holy Moly it’s been a busy week!

Amongst other things we’ve booked our band for our Brighton Bash and sent them the song they are going to learn for our first dance (eeekkk!), secret squirrel missions with one of our photographers which I can’t reveal just yet and frantically trying to finalise our formal wedding invitations in order to send next week. Whose bright idea was it to make all the envelopes again?! Oh yes…that would be me.

Anywho – paper cuts aside, today’s Friday Loveliness is all about statement earrings….get your little peepers on these beauties….

Pic credit - Etsy

Pic credit – Etsy

Pic credit - BHLDN

Pic credit – BHLDN

Pic credit - Etsy

Pic credit – Etsy

Pic credit - BaubleBar

Pic credit – BaubleBar

Pic credit - Slyva & Cie

Pic credit – Slyva & Cie

Unless I win the lottery, I can’t see myself purchasing these last beauties from Slyva & Cie but hey, a girl can dream.

I have another jam packed weekend this weekend, family fun times in London on Saturday and then more secret squirrel missions on Sunday, but this time for my bridesmaids! But I can’t tell you anymore as I happen to know some of my girls actually read what I write – yes, I’m talking about you Martha sweets. You won’t catch me out!