Friday’s Loveliness – Engagement Pictures

Afternoon! This planning a wedding business doesn’t half take up all your time! Manically busy booking our Make up artist (very good friend of the family and works for YSL – booya!), researching bands that fit within our budget for our Brighton Bash, booking the ceremony room to sign the marriage papers and I think we’ve found our photographer for Ibiza too – phew!

However on a Friday’s Loveliness note, today is all about Engagement photos.  Now me and the Boy have had a few taken with one of our close friends whose work can be found here but we didn’t really prepare for it well (errrr… I might have only told the Boy a couple of hours before the shoot – my bad!) so even though there are some gorgeous photos, we’re not quite there yet. And these beauties below are a good starting point for inspiration. I love Black and White photography – can’t you tell?!


Pic credit Candytomysoul

Pic credit - Is this a Kissing Blog

Pic credit – Is this a Kissing Blog

No pic credit found

No pic credit found

Pic credit - Fashionmenow

Pic credit – Fashionmenow

I’m off to our very good friend’s wedding tomorrow and my beautiful bridesmaids are coming down for it – I’m wetting myself in excitement as it’s the first time in ages that we’ve been in the same room all together! I think tomorrow might be carnage (I’ve already booked our table for Sunday Brunch to cure hangovers.) The Boy is Best Man and he’s got his speech down to a T and I’m sure it’s going to hit home how long we’ve got until we’re Mr and Mrs.

Scary but loving every moment so far –  just over 7 months to go. xxxx




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