Friday’s Loveliness – Heavenly Hair

I love my bridesmaids. Not just because they are truly amazing, funny and gorgeous but they also send me pictures of wedding bits and bobs that they know I adore. They’re the best!

So was having a little think about pretty hairstyles for the big day for me and my girls. We all have different hair lengths, thickness and styles so we can all have a play around with what suits us and our dresses. Check out these boho beauties:

1. Beauty Department

Bridesmaid Sophie-Jo sent me this beauty – perfect for her hair. Pic credit – The Beauty Department

Braided Boho hairstyle

Perfect for fine hair that might swelter in the heat. Pic credit – Lompelita

Long hairstyle for boho wedding

Love a fishtail plait! Pic credit – Long Hair Style Show

Boho braided updo

Love the addition of the braid on this updo. Pic credit – Hair and Make up by Steph

Long hair Braid

Love this for me! Pic credit – Mimi Taylor



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