Just beautiful….

I said a while ago that I shouldn’t watch wedding videos at work and that’s because I always end up bawling like a baby.  Then an unexpected client walks into the office and I’m furiously wiping away the rivers of mascara running down my face, redfaced because I’ve been caught crying over a wedding video.  Smooth. 2 thumbs up to me.

Well now it’s your turn.  I love everything about this wedding and its video.  The couple are gorgeous, the bridesmaids dresses are stunning (I want one!), the wedding and reception locations are epic (look at the graffiti! Love it!) and that dress, veil and boho head piece are just perfect. Not to mention the beautifully shot video.  I love it all.

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know part made you well up.  xxx

Video credit: Roost Film Co


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