Trying to find “The One”

Ok so I mentioned weeks ago that I went to my first bridal shop weeks ago to try on lots of beautiful dresses to see if I can find “The One.” I tried on lots of different styles from dreamy backless dresses, to draped lace couture to short and sweet but unfortunately I didn’t find the one.

Now don’t get me wrong, I tried one stunning Alice Temperley number that could have potentially been “The One” but there were some elements of the dress that I didn’t quite like. It was also quadruple the amount that I wanted to spend on a dress.

Perhaps it’s because in my head I have a particular idea of what I want “The One”” to look like, and how I want it to fit. And because I’m getting married on a beach, I have to take into consideration the material (no sweaty pits please), the look (backless boho) and the fit (I like my shoulders but have double DDs!) and I want all of this for a reasonable price which I just don’t think is achievable.

Another pair of double DDs – Dilemma Dilemma.

But being the resourceful girl that I am, I was thinking of what my options could be.

a.      Keep on looking

b.     Buy second hand

c.      Check out the outlet stores

d.      Draw up my own design and get it made.

Now I know plenty of Brides who have gone with options B and C and it has worked out perfectly for them but I’ve got a secret weapon. The mother in law to be is an interior designer and upholsterer and is pretty nifty with the sewing machine. When I say pretty nifty I actually mean freaking incredible. She made her own wedding dress in the 60’s, made some amazing things for the home and sewn lots of clothes in the past so I know she  is more than skilful enough.

So dilemma solved, the mother in law to be is making my dress and I am so excited!  I’ve bought a couple of patterns from the world wide web that I like and a dressform from Amazon to help with seeing how the pattern fits.  I’ve drawn up some sketches of what I’d like the dress to look like and the next steps would be to  make the pattern and amend it to how I want it (make the back lower!)  and then cut it out of a cheap material like muslin and see how it fits and drapes.

We’re looking at Silk Georgette material and lace so we don’t want to be making the dress with expensive material straight off the bat as any mistakes made at that stage  will be very costly.

Totally accept that what we’re trying is bonkers because what Bride needs the added stress of designing and making her own dress?  But on the upside, I’m hoping that I’ll have my perfect dress by the end of it and for a fraction of the price.

Any other brides out there also undertook this crazy idea of designing and making their own dress?  Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

PS – I can never have a blog post without any pretty pictures so below are some lovely fashion sketches that provided some lovely dress sketches inspiration.

Pic cred – Bridal Sketches


2. Oscar de la Renta

Pic cred – The Board


Pic cred - Unknown

Pic cred – Unknown


Pic cred - Marchesa

Pic cred – Marchesa


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