So I did it!!!

Sorry this post was a long time coming but I think I’ve still been recovering from it.

I’m talking about the crazy race I completed – my first Triathlon!

It was awesome. The endorphin high when I crossed that finish line was incredible. The fact that I actually finished it was incredible considering I had just come back from 6 hardcore solid days of drinking at Glasto, no proper training in 8 days and to top it off, I had a stinking cold. But I did it!!

So it started off with a beautiful sunny morning (5am wake up call, not so beautiful), ate breakfast whilst trying to ignore the butterflies in my stomach and set off for the hour long drive to Ashburnham Place in Battle where the 750m open lake swim, 20k bike ride and 5k run took place.  Luckily I had bullied  persuaded my colleague Nick to do it with me (he’s done a couple before) so I wasn’t completely clueless.  I got all my bits lined up in the transition area and waited at the start line to start the swim.

First tip – Buy or rent a proper Triathlon wetsuit.  Not a crappy one off Ebay like I did. It makes all the difference.

Second tip – Train on hills. Running and Cycling.  I neglected to do this so whilst waiting to start I got chatting to a lovely man who then proceeded to tell me about all the hills on the bike course. And that I had chosen a “challenging course” for my first tri.  Way to fill me with confidence dude!

Third tip – Try not to go to pot and forget how to swim when the gun goes off.  *Face palm to the forehead* In the adrenaline of the moment and hoards of people splashing around, I promptly forgot to swim.  It took me a good 100metres to get my breathing right and acclimatise to the shock of it before I got into my regular stroke.

Fourth Tip – Just keep going. I felt that I was so slow and wasn’t trying hard enough or going fast enough and was preparing myself to hear a really slow time at the end but remarkably I completed it in 2 hrs 1min. Totes Chuffed as that was what I was aiming for my first one and now know I can push myself harder next time around.

Definitely going to do another one next year as it was brilliant motivation and the feeling of achievement after crossing that finish line was immense. Plus I’ve toned up everywhere, dropped a dress size and and can now swim for miles.

So if anyone else out there is thinking of training for a Triathlon to help tone up for their W-day then get in touch. I’ll be more than happy to try and be your Mrs – to – be Motivator!


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4 thoughts on “So I did it!!!

    • bridebythebeach says:

      Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by – I love your blog and now following you! Yes the Triathalon was hard but alot of fun too – I actually miss the training and need to get my lazy ass into gear! xxx


  1. adventurewithcarys says:

    Well done! I can relate to this post completely as I did my first triathlon in June this year 🙂 My link below if you are interested in comparing notes. I too made the mistake of not doing any outside cycling practice, instead choosing to do it all in the gym. I also didn’t except there to be any hills as it was a ‘fun tri’ and aimed at beginners. Haha mistake! x


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