I’m back!!!

I deserve a MAHOOSIVE slap on the wrist. I’ve not blogged in aaaaagggeeesss.

Totally unacceptable. However I have been busy wedding planning it up so please don’t be too harsh on me.  And look, I have picture evidence to prove it! I’ve got whole raft of notes for my blog posts about all of the below so this will be all coming in a lickety – split.

So first craziness – Ibiza. Booked the dream venue as mentioned. Sublime sunsets all round,  wedding appointments, lots of raving, plenty of sun worshipping and a whole lot of fun.

Ibiza sunsets rule.

Ibiza sunsets rule.

Then one of our good friend’s birthday and trip up to London Town (wedding planning on the train of course) followed by another weekend to London Town for my niece’s 3rd birthday (she’s the cutest!) and getting the Save the Dates printed and mailed! A little sneak peek for you:

Sneaky peek!

Sneaky peek!

I made the funky envelopes by these ol’ fair hands so DIY post coming very soon!

Followed by an open water training swim session in preparation for my Triathalon (I probably swallowed half the lake but anywho.)

Followed by the craziness of Glastonbury.  Yep I got tickets. All I can say about it is that it was EPIC. No more words needed. I think I left 50% of my liver function at Glastonbury though.

With Bridesmaid Sophie Jo, Joy at finding my wedding dress (fluffy lace anyone?!) Our Glasto family and Me and the Boy. LOVE.

With bestie Bridesmaid Sophie-Jo, Joy at finding my wedding dress (fluffy lace anyone?!) Our Glasto family and Me and the Boy. LOVE.

So return home to normality, 5 days to recover and it was the big day.  Triathalon Time.  I was bricking it. I knew I was going to complete it, perhaps not on the same day but I’d try. But after 2 hrs 1 min from starting, I crossed that finish line! Was very pleased with that time considering I hadn’t trained properly in two weeks and picked up a nice chesty cold from Glasto.

My medal and I.

My medal and I.

So that has been my crazy 4 weeks. Crazy awesome that is.

In the words of Take That – “I’m back for good” so keep an eye out for new posts.  I’m trying on wedding dresses on Saturday so I’ll let y’all know how that goes. Exciteamballs.


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