One for the Boys

Fingers crossed we’ll be getting married in Ibiza next year.  We’re heading out in two weeks to view venues and hopefully be able to seal the deal whilst we’re over there.

So in my mind we’re gearing up for a hot, beach wedding. If this is the case, then I think I know what I want my dress to be (BACKLESS! It has to be backless!) and I think I know what the Bridesmaids will be wearing but what about the Boys?

Everyone’s so focused on what the Bride is going to wear that they forget that the  Groom has fashion dilemmas too. Not saying that my Boy is David Beckham or let alone David Gandy but he’s well aware of what fits him and looks good on him.  And he has to be conscious of what suits him, because putting it nicely, my future husband to be is one lanky Boy. He’s tall and slim and if he doesn’t get it right, suits look ridiculous on him.

So the Groom’s suit has to be slim fit, tailored, lightweight and in a colour that will fit in with a beach theme.  Some inspiration below:

I love the European style too – aka hot Italian laid back cool:

These suits are the perfect shade of blue for a beach wedding but what about the Groomsmen and Ushers?

I love the mismatched look but there needs to be one element to tie them together – perhaps some bow ties and braces?

As this has been a fairly masculine blog post, lets end on a girly note. Because you can never have enough well cut suits, bow ties and the Gos.  Xxx

The Gos

The Gos


2 thoughts on “One for the Boys

  1. JasonDarlo says:

    Braces Are bad generally add them to a hot beach scenario and you’ll be looking at sweat stripes down the grooms lanky chest, just my thoughts 😉


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