Vintage filmography love.

A year ago, whilst clearing out my parents house I stole stumbled across an old Super 8 film camera.

Having seen footage of what this little camera can produce, we would definitely like to somehow incorporate it into our W-day. I don’t know how, I don’t even know how much film is or where to send it to process it but if I can find a way then this little badboy is coming out to play.

The grainy almost surreal effect of the film is so lovely and I love the fact that it’s silent so you could choose one of your favourite songs to play over the top. (I also hate my voice on record so win win for me.)

Here are a couple of my favourite wedding videos where it’s used beautifully.

Rose and Robin – film shot and produced by Mark W Brown



Camilla and Seth – film shot produced by Reel Sixty


Gorgeous right? I think it captures the mood perfectly and it’s a beautiful effect without it being too cheesy. LOVE IT!

Right I’m off to peruse Ebay to find me some Super 8 film.  Love love love xxx


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