A Vogue Wedding.

My lunchtime reading at work usually consist of browsing the likes of Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour and Elle and I occasionally notice that an interesting wedding article will come up that is just fabulous.  Whether it’s 50 Bridesmaid Dresses under £50 or the Jenny Packham’s new season wedding gown showcases, these sources of inspiration are just brilliant for when planning a wedding. Especially if you’ve become (dare I say it?!) a little BORED by all the usual standard wedding magazines out there.

So I’ve rounded up my favourite online magazines wedding sections and listed them below – get them saved in your favourites now!


Serious couture designer envy here, fab coverage of the fashion elite weddings, style advice and much much more. Click here to be whisked away to designer wedding heaven.

Have you seen Coco Rocha wedding dress – STUNNING!


Coco Rocha married James Conran in a dress designed by Zac Posen. Picture courtesy of Vogue.

They also have a brilliant Wedding guide to download too to cover all weddings – take a look here


This blog is written by Elle writer Patrica Campbell who is blogging her way to the alter and is full of helpful hair updos and beauty tips, runway dresses, more fashion weddings and helpful stylish advice. Check out the lovely vintage Coast collection she wrote about last month – OMG Gatsby.

Vintage inspired collection from Coast.

Vintage inspired collection from Coast.

Marie Claire – The Wedding Style Guide

Lots of great high street topics and inspiration, hair and beauty ideas and stylish real life bride stories to be read here. The below bridesmaid dress would be PERFECT for a beach wedding. Where did I find it?  In this very handy article from the Style guide – £50 from Warehouse. What a bargain!


The Stylist – The Unsentimental Wedding Blog

A blog featuring  wedding tips from Stylist bride and pretty pics of their weddings, what they wore, their style etc.  Also if you look towards the bottom of the page, there are plenty more wedding related articles to read.

The Huffington Post 

Epic website – click here. Lots of well written articles from past Brides, Brides to be, Photographers, suppliers etc. I could get lost in this site for days. For example – interesting article I’ve just read – 21 things I’ve learned from attending 21 weddings. Very useful to know.


Don’t forget Buzzfeed…never forget Buzzfeed.

Just type in Weddings into the search bar and all types of wacky wedding articles come up.  Yes some are crazy, some are stupid but some are downright imaginative like this:

42 wedding favours your guests will actually want

If you come across anything else – please feel free to share the love. Until next time xxxxx


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