Fitness Scmhitness.

I like to eat and can put away fried food like there’s no tomorrow and I’m one of those girls that needs a serious reason to stop stuffing doughnuts in her yap hole. Usually the fear of getting into a bikini or needing to squeeze into that slinky dress kickstarts my fitness motivation.

So for example, over the Christmas holidays I must have consumed enough calories  to keep the population of a small country going.  With all the party food, dinners out, sweets and not to mention bottles of wine I think I gained about half a stone and 1.5 inches around the belly. Yeeesh!

So, as our Ibiza venue recce is booked for June, I need to get that motivation up and running.

It helps that I’m a member of a Boxercise Bootcamp and they are brilliant and getting you back into fitness and toning up. I try to attend at least four classes a week which range from Boxercise Pump and Core, TRX, Kettlebells and a great stretch class.  I’m also looking to complete a Triathalon in July (eeek!) to help me focus my motivation.

This is going to be an important part of my blog because I’m sure that there are  ladies out there who are happy with their weight but could do with some toning?  Don’t get me wrong, I love my figure but I know there are certain parts that could do with some work like my stomach and arms.  I’m not aiming for stick thin (I’m lucky to be blessed with DD’s so if I did happen to get down to a size 8 it would look just ridiculous.) I think a nice, toned 10 / 12 would be perfect for me.

So join me in my quest for the perfect wedding day body.  I’m going keep a track of my fitness regime, food intake, recipes and measurements so I can measure progress and hopefully share my downfalls and successes over the next year and a half.  Any advice will be greatly received!

This weeks healthy eating.

This weeks healthy eating.

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