Beach Love

I grew up in Greater London.  “The Boy” grew up by the beach in Sussex.  He used to tell me how much fun him and his friends had living by the beach. All the space to run around, playing on their bikes on the promenade and the beach to keep them amused for hours on end. I on the other hand, grew up right by Heathrow Airport and was overjoyed when we got to go to our local park which consisted of a field, 2 swings, one slide and a dilapidated see-saw.

I moved in with “The Boy” soon after we came back from travelling and I quickly fell in love with the beach, the open space, the fresh air and the general culture in Brighton. We got used to waking up to the crashing waves and beauty of the ever changing sea whilst back-packing and we realized that we couldn’t ever not live by the sea.

Hence why we love the idea of a beach wedding or a wedding where the beach can be seen.   We want something laid back and relaxed and where we can be ourselves because underneath it all, we are both total beach bums.

We went to Ibiza for the first time last year and totally fell in love with the island,  it’s gorgeous beaches and fine sunshine.  It was there, whilst recovering from the hangover from hell that we stumbled upon Cala Gracionetta beach. A tiny beach with beautiful crystal waters and a laid back vibe.  Hidden at the back, nestled amongst the trees was an open air restaurant called El Chiringuito which was being set up for a wedding.  It looked stunning. Chairs set up under the trees, views overlooking the water, fairy lights wrapped around the branches and bunting flapping gently in the wind. Perfect.

So when we started talking about venues and where we would like to get married, Ibiza sounded awesome.  Costwise, it would be a small wedding party, 35 – 40, so realistically it could fit in our budget.

We’re looking to fly out there in June to take a look and see if it’s feasible.  Fingers crossed!

Taken from our Ibiza 2012 trip.

Cala Gracionetta beach -taken on our Ibiza 2012 trip. You can spot El Chiringuito at the back of the beach.

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